Call me Linus and pass me my blanket

Earlier in the week I saw a friend post on Facebook about having gotten a weighted blanket. She was hoping it would help with some anxiety and sleep issues, including putting a stop to some dreams.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to stop a series of reoccurring dreams I have been having for a while now. If I knew all it would take is a weighted blanket, I'd message someone I know who makes them and have a rush put on it.

There's actually several dreams I have. More accurately, they aren't the exact same dream but are the same scenario or situation.

The first one is being in high school again even though I know even while in the dream that I've graduated from college. I don't understand why I have to go through high school again. Why am I there, why am I doing it again? It makes no sense whatsoever.

The second dream is that I am back in college and always forget one or more of the classes I should be attending. I miss turning in assignments. The only thing I can possibly relate this to is that I'm always in need of finishing things on my to do list that need to be done.

Another dream is that I am back teaching school. For the longest time (years and years), I was teaching the same children. Those children would now around 26 years old. (Wow, I'm old.) In the dream, I am full aware that I would never teach again and am every bit aware of how bad the experience was the first time. Doing that again is not on my radar.

The one that is haunting me most is losing my job, but the people in the dream are the people I worked with more than 6 years ago. I had this dream when my last job was stable though I know I dreamed about them the weekend before my hours got cut in January. I told a friend that weekend about it, and she asked why I would dream about those people because it had been years. I told her I thought it was my stress dream. I cannot tell you how many times over the years I have had to work my final days with that group of people. A few times I've combined my last job with the one before it though my last boss is not in it.

On one hand, I can understand the dream recently because I did have a stressful few months. I don't understand why I've been dreaming it for years though.

Honestly, I'm not that stressed out about work in that way. I'm stressed about getting my work done, but I'm doing ok on having projects lined up. The dreams are more troubling than real life though. I wake up out of sorts.

If sleeping with a blanket would take care of these reoccurring dreams... Well, you could call me Linus because I'd be attached to it, at least at night.

Please tell me I'm not alone, and that some of you have similar issues.


It seems I've finally decided to open up and write about my angst. Last week, I caught up on some backlogged blogging and make this post about something that's been bugging me for a while. It wasn't posted on my Facebook feed, so you may not have caught it. It was also posted in middle of a lot of back-blogging so you may not have scrolled to see it. I am thankful not to be dreaming regularly about confrontations related to all of that, though I do from time to time.