I Read with Audra

I am working late on a Friday night trying to catch up on some work. Technology has been my enemy the past couple of weeks, and I'm paying for it.

One of the things I am working on is my first blog tour under "Audra Jennings PR." It is so weird doing things with my own name on it and branding myself. As I first started on this venture of PR on my own, I wasn't sure what exactly it would look like. I decided I wasn't going to start a "company" as such out of the gate, but just be a one woman show and go from there. I also thought if I did something under a name other than my own people wouldn't be familiar with who the new "company" was. I'd have to work so much harder to let people know this other name was me. I've been around long enough for people to know who I am. 

For bloggers who want to show they are a part of my tour group, I wanted to create a blog button that goes along with my five minute logo I created because I needed to have one. I'm trying this one out.

If you are a blogger, author or publisher and want to know more about what I do, email me! ajenningspr@att.net.

I do traditional publicity (Christian media interviews and article placement), set up blog tours, help authors with their social media management and graphics, and virtual assistant work.

I will also have another work-related announcement to make next week. Stay tuned for that!