Why I hate summer

I dread summer every year. My office gets so very hot. I finally decided I needed to come downstairs and be DONE for the day when I looked at the thermostat with the upstairs A/C going and it was 89 degrees up there. 

It isn't an air conditioner problem. It's a insulation problem.

I can tolerate it pretty warm. I turn the A/C way down at night and it cools off. When I go upstairs in the morning, it's a normal temp. Slowly, like turning up the heat on the water pot with the frog inside, I don't notice it being hot until it finally gets upper 80s.

Fed up with it being hot, I finally decided to give in and buy a room air conditioner. 

This shiny new unit is the very loud new addition to my office. Because of the window to vent it is up so high, it has to sit on a table instead of the floor, but it least it was easier than mounting a traditional window unit. I have to open the blinds partially that allows the sun in. I usually have them closed with the thermal curtains closed. 

In my first day of having it in my office, I was able to keep the temp around 80, about 10 degrees better. It was already really hot up there when we got it installed. I bought the biggest unit in hopes of making a dent. Now, I have to hope I can keep the electric bill controllable. 

Thankfully, it has a remote so I can turn it off from my desk when I get a phone call because, did I mention, this thing is loud?