2020 Goal Number 1: Get into a better routine

I don't know about you, but I am ready for the holidays to be over and to get back in a better routine next week.

The off time I have taken over the past couple of weeks have been... well, off whack.

While I took three days off last week for Christmas, I ended up catching up on work Saturday.

I worked all day plus some on New Year's Eve. I needed to get some things done today, but tried working from my parents' house around cooking, but their internet is as bad as mine, especially using the wi-fi on another end of the house. Of all things, I was actually cooking turkey and dressing today. We didn't really get our holiday fill of it. We ate at my brother's for Thanksgiving which was different and for Christmas we had brisket. So, that led us to today.

I'm back to working on work in a few minutes. After I finish this blog up. I need to get some things knocked out because I'm taking tomorrow off for our annual January First Monday trip to Canton for some craft stuff. I want to go before stuff is picked over on Saturday. That only leaves to that whole sporadic schedule thing again.

I'm ready for routine again. For things to get back to normal. A regular schedule. And being on schedule again. Work included.

While I have a lot of things I would like to change for the new year --- lots of goals --- they all fall under the category of better routines.

My first goal is getting back in a better blogging routine. I've been all off whack since I got busy in the summer with moving. I never got back into a regular blog routine because of every kind of busyness.

For what legitimate reason, I don't know, but I'll blog about The Bachelor. Possibly, just for the purpose of making myself blog again. You have that to look forward to next week. Aren't you excited?

I'm hoping once I get back in a good work, post-holiday rhythm that I can start getting some other new habits and routines in place.

Three days of being in bed by midnight, by the way. Last night I was not asleep as early as I wanted, but I'm going to make myself do better. (That's also why my Christmas tree is still up --- no late nights.) The past few months I was up doing things way too often until 2 AM. One day at a time right?