The Bachelor: Peter: Week 2 Confirms Whining Will Get You Everywhere

I made stew today so that I would be ready to eat dinner after work and ready to start blogging when the episode started. I sure should have turned it off long before I did (well before I took some to my parents) because I have burned my tongue multiple times and will have to finish during commercial breaks.

Good intentions...

But, typical Monday. That's kind of how the rest of my day has gone too.

Now, onto our show!

Picking up where we left off last week. Peter has asked Hannah Brown if she would say if he asked her back to the house. He can't believe she just thought he wanted to be the Bachelor instead of asking him to try again. Peter points out that Hannah said no to him, and he never said no to her.

She is ugly crying and doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, all the girls are growing bored making notes on their sordid dirty stories they are supposed to share. They are all wondering if he and Hannah are off somewhere.

Peter and Hannah are boring me already. After some canoodling, he decides he can't do this with Hannah. Yet, when he walks away, he thinks maybe he made a bad decision.

Peter finally gathers all the women and asks them downstairs to talk. He said the date card was accurate. This is awkward. He says that after talking to Hannah he is not in the right head space to enjoy this. He feels horrible, and it's not fair to them, but he's ending the date now. They will meet again at the after-party part of the date. He loved her and he's not all over her yet.

Natasha makes a snide comment pointing out Hannah will not leave. She's been there every day that she (Natasha) has seen Peter. Peter says that is a fair point.

The women continue to share their disgruntled thoughts as they gather later and wait for Peter. When he arrives he says he wants to put it behind them, but you better be for sure that's not the last we hear about it tonight.

In fact, he talks to Alexa about it when she asks how he is doing.

Natasha is ticked, and Peter can tell it. She tells him that she's upset. He claims that he likes Natasha's directness.

I agree with Kelsey (?) in she is ready for all the talk about Hannah to end.

Sydney brings the Hannah conversation with Peter around to racial profiling. I'm a little fuzzy on retelling how that happened because I was reading a Facebook comment. However, if you watch, you know those one-on-one conversations jump subjects in weird ways.

Actually, that may have been Payton earlier. I think it was Payton that he has some serious makeout time with. Scratch that. It was Mykenna. They aren't putting a lot of name captions on, and I don't know all the blondes yet.

Anyway, when it's rose time, the date rose goes to Sydney.

The next night, the women are waiting for Peter to arrive at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Natasha still has a burr under her saddle about yesterday. 

Peter addresses what he knows everyone has talked about. He says it has still been a good week. He apologizes to those who didn't have a date this week, toasts the group and prepares for the speed dating portion of the evening.

First up, he talks with Lexi who did not have a date. He gives her a toy car sort of like the one she arrived in, after he fakes that he didn't remember her arrival.

Kelsey wants to share a bottle of champagne with him he didn't get to share the first night. She was going to make her move when Mykenna snatched him. "She had time yesterday! That's not fair!" Mykenna gets that and accepts that, but said she wasn't being disrespectful, but wanted to do her thing early. "That's disrespect because I had the least time out of everybody the first night." Guess Kelsey had a stopwatch. She calls Mykenna a snake. She doesn't like snakes. They are her least favorite animal.

What must Kelsey think when Madison who has gotten the most time of all has her time with Peter? He has a a surprise for her. It's a gift-wrapped framed picture of her and his family at the vow renewal.

Meanwhile, inside, someone (I just don't know her name) fixes Kelsey's make-up before she finally gets her time with him. OH, snap! Someone else finds the bottle and opens it with Peter. It's Hannah Ann. Kelsey hears it. The women she is sitting with her hear the bottle. They try to tell her it probably wasn't her bottle. She starts to cry, then goes to check. She interrupts, then walks away crying after saying, "Excuse me."

Kelsey goes into full meltdown mode and headed upstairs. Peter heads upstairs to find out what happens. He knocks on the door, but Kelsey won't talk to him.

Tammy explains to Hannah Ann what the deal was. She got this bottle for her birthday and had been holding onto it for a special occasion. Kelsey comes out and explodes on Hannah Ann about it. Peter takes Kelsey off to talk where they find the bottle of champagne that Hannah Ann had intended. They decide to drink from the bottle. When Kelsey takes a sip, the champagne explodes out of the bottle and all over her face. Probably because they knocked it over on the ground when Kelsey knocked the bucket over with her butt.

Kelsey gets all up in Hannah's face. Hannah had planned on champagne too, and they were just set up in two different places. Hannah Ann really was innocent in the matter. It was a mix up. Kelsey is psycho.

Chris Harrison arrives just in time to tell us all it's time for roses. 

To recap... Kelley, Madison and Sydney have date roses. Peter gives the typical spiel about his future wife being in the room. Snooze.

  1. Mykenna
  2. Victoria P.
  3. Natasha
  4. Jasmine
  5. Sarah
  6. Lexi
  7. Hannah Ann (She wasn't sure where she stood and if Peter believed it was a legit mix-up.)
  8. Alexa
  9. Tammy
  10. Alayah
  11. Deandra
  12. Victoria F.
  13. Shiann
  14. Kierra
  15. Savannah
  16. Kesley (Who is a hot mess the whole time.
Going home... Lauren, Courtney and Payton. 

It's a new day in the house, but the talk is all about the night before. A date card arrives to save all of us from more talk of champagne.

"Alexa, Mykenna, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey, Hannah Ann... Time to let your personality shine. - Peter"

So, the producers worked it out to give us more champagne drama. They board a bus for Hollywood and head to Revolve for shopping. Carson Cresley, Janice Dickinson (the first supermodel who I don't know from Eve, but some women do) and the brand officer for Revolve are there. The women are going to be in the Revolve fashion show. The winner will receive the whole line of Revolve clothing.

The women head out to pick their outfits to wear. Hannah Ann is obsessed with a hat. 

Victoria F. has trouble because she isn't comfortable in her own skin and acts like a fish out of water. She has a meltdown. Kelsey comes to check on her. 

Mykenna is in her element. She's the too, too special one I won't be able to stand. 

It's show time and Victoria F. is being dramatic and having a drink.

Peter does his runway walk before having a seat by the judges. 

First up, Natasha with the attitude. Mykenna with a wink. They think Kelsey needed a belt. Alexa in Daisy Dukes... Lexi... Hannah Ann comes out in a wedding dress and veil. Victroia F. Struts it in her shorts. 

Round two... Kelsey comes out in sexi pajamas with a bottle of champagne. 

Victoria whines over Hannah Ann's confidence. But it's fake. She comes out for round two in lingerie and a leather coat. She gestures Peter up for a kiss.

Two stood out to the panel. Hannah Ann and Victoria. 

Now Victoria feels noticed. 

There's one more round. The final walk-off. The same dress in mirror images. Hannah Ann smacks Victoria with the bottom of her dress and does a better pose. Hannah Ann wins and Victoria skulks off whining that she's done. So. Much. Drama. it's all an act. "I'm never good enough," she cries to Kelsey. "I'm so over it."

More whining about the day is sure to come up during the evening portion of the date. Hannah Ann is feeling good about the day, but nervous about the night with Kelsey after last night. 

Victoria is pouty when she should have been happy while Peter complimented her on her walk. She isn't sure if this is good for her mental health. They are all mental, but... She is not taking advantage of her time. He walks her off for some "privacy," but of course the cameras zoom in and they have microphones on. He tells her she stands out from the other women there. 

Mykenna talks about how this was a dream date. Hannah Ann thinks it was like a dream too. Yet, last night was a nightmare. She will never look at champagne the same again. 

Kelsey and Peter have champagne part two. She feels like she got her validation. Hannah Ann thinks she's a bully though. (She kind of is, but Hannah Ann is playing pitiful.)

Hannah Ann gets her Peter time. She says she was up all last night crying. She tells her what Kelsey did to her, calling her names and crushing her spirit. That's not ok with Peter. He knows Hannah Ann has a beautiful heart and isn't going to let her get bullied. He'll kiss her instead. "I really like you," he says.

Kelsey is glowing. Tonight made everything she went through last night worth it. Until he gives the date rose to Victoria. 

Whining gets you everywhere.

Peter asks to speak to Kelsey before he leaves. He shares everything Hannah Ann told him. Kelsey says Hannah knows what she did. She claims Hannah Ann is playing the victim card. They both know they don't like each other. Kelsey doesn't think Hannah Ann knows what the word "bully" means. 

Peter doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know who to believe. They head back in. When she sits back with the rest of the women, Victoria asks if she is ok. "Evidently, I bully-ing people." Says it right in front of everyone. Then, walks off to bawl in the bathroom. 

The rest of the women sit in awkward silence.

Next week... Hannah Ann crying that she is not a champagne stealer.