The Bachelor: Peter: Week 4: The producers were definitely to blame for that one

My Monday before blogging tonight:
  • Woke up an hour early because I had a meeting at 8:30 AM and had something I needed to try to do before the meeting.
  • Didn't get into office until 8:15 and could not get everything going to get graphic done that I needed to post.
  • The two hours during the meeting was the most productive I was all day because I was emailing people and getting things done while listening in.
  • Spent a good bit of time wrestling with my laptop before I finally restarted it.
  • Also spent a good bit of time trying to get Adobe Creative Suite updated so I could update Photoshop on my laptop. 
  • Last week my desktop crashed, and I did all my graphics on it, so this is why I am struggling with Photoshop.
  • I had set out some popsicles that were iced over and I needed to throw away. Didn't have time to take them out to the trash can in the garage right that moment, so left them on the counter. I walked into the kitchen later and one (or more) melted. I heard it dripping down the cabinet to the very corner behind the fridge. I have to mop up the mess.
  • By the end of the day, I can't uninstall Creative Suite and Photoshop (which I might as well since I can't update it) because it needs to update to uninstall. True story.
  • I finally had to turn off Google Back-up and Sync because my laptop is acting like it is going to die a horrible death more drawn out that the desktop last week.
  • Canva was running so slow because my computer and the internet were slow.
  • I put a turkey breast in the crockpot to cook somewhere along the way. An hour later, I had gone outside to do something and when I came back in, my crockpot was cold. Though turned to on, it wasn't working. Fortunately, it was the safety plug tripped rather than the crockpot going out. 
  • So due to that whole not on thing, I still have to finish fixing dinner somewhere in middle of posting. 

Onto our show:

So the women pout and moan or at least seem subdued as they talk about Alayah going home. Victoria P. feels a little guilty, but she has to remember they are there for Peter and she told the truth. 

Chris Harrison calls them all in to talk.


That day there is not going to be a date. Peter has left town. It's time for them to pack up. It's time to go to Cleveland, OH. They are about as excited as I would be. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awaits...

Peter makes jokes about Clark Kent and Superman as Clark was born there.

Once the women arrive, Cleveland is nicer than they expected. They enjoy the view from the penthouse of the Hilton. 

The first date card arrives. "Victoria F. - Today our love soars to new heights. - Peter"

The women suggest it's skydiving. Victoria is scared of heights, so she is both excited and nervous. 

Mykenna is whining again. She needed this date with her dream guy. Stop. Whining.

Victoria F. is kicking and screaming, "I can't!" before getting out of the limo at the airport. She's afraid she is going to go skydiving. Peter is going to take her flying in an itty bitty four seater plane. She doesn't like heights, so she is still worried.

He flies them out to Cedar Park. They have the whole amusement park to themselves. Then it dawns on her there are roller coasters. 

She is pulling and holding onto his arm. Hope he doesn't need two hands and arms to fly the plane.

The first thing they do upon arrival is get strapped into the bungee slingshot. They decide they actually want to do it again. 

They do roller coasters of all sorts and twirly rides that would make me sick. In the diner, she toasts beer to their sons having a hot mom. She wants boys. She wants four. He wants two or four so that one child doesn't have to sit by him/herself on a roller coaster. 

Peter has one more surprise for her. Their own private concert (actually you hear a a crowd, so it's not private contrary to what Peter calls it. It's Chase Rice. I don't know who that is, but Victoria does. They used to date. This is what you call producer manipulation of the program.

(And here is where I fixed and ate dinner and got 45 minutes behind which annoys me to no end.)

What follows are the best tidbits on the conversation during and after the concert. What is noted as (VO) is what Victoria is saying off camera, but voiced over the action. While this isn't everything that is said, well, heck, it's pretty much what is said...

Peter: I'm so excited for this date. It's Chase Rice. She's going to love it.

Victoria (VO): Chase is my ex-boyfriend. We dated before I came on the show.

Victoria (VO): This is awkward. It's just weird. 

Chase Rice: Looking all knowingly the whole time they are dancing very awkwardly. 

She's so uncomfortable that Peter has to be blind to not notice. However, there's a reason she knows every word to every song.

Victoria (VO): This thing is so uncomfortable... I don't want to ruin it though.

Peter: This is one of the coolest dates I have ever been on... This couldn't have gone any better. This is a dream.

Afterwards, Chase and Peter talk. Peter tells him how excited he was for the dates like this with the music and all. Chase asks with his arms crossed how far in they are. Peter tells him four weeks. Chase asks questions. Peter tells him they will have dinner. This is their first date alone.

Meanwhile, Victoria is carrying on with the producer, crying about she never would have imagined. Chase didn't want her to come.

Chase and Victoria walk off to talk. 

Victoria: I have to tell him now.

Chase: Yeah.

Victoria: If I did end up with him at the end of this, I can't lie.

Chase: I'm not going to lie. You have to do what's best for you.

Victoria: It wouldn't be fair.

Chase: You have to do what's best for you. 

Chase has the look of a jealous man. 

Peter is a good actor or an idiot. Possibly both. He's waiting for her to arrive at the Cleveland City Hall where a table is set up in middle of a big empty lobby for the lack of a better description.

Peter (VO): Today was an amazing day. I had a ton of fun. It was great kissing her to the music. We're on a really good pace right now. Chase Rice could sing at our wedding.

Victoria (VO): Today was a lot... At the concert we saw my ex-boyfriend. Now I'm freaking out. It's important that Peter knows.

Peter: Here's to an amazing day. I really enjoyed my time with you today. The concert was the icing on the cake. 

Are you ok?

Victoria: I'm not ok. I want to tell you something, but I'm nervous to tell you. The day was amazing. You were amazing. Up until the last part was a little weird for me.

Peter: The concert?

Victoria: Yeah. So, um. Chase and I used to date.

Peter: Like the singer Chase. The guy that was in the concert.

Victoria: Yeah.

Peter: Do what? Noooo. The guy that was singing? I talked to him. What? (He has a very odd expression on his face.)

Victoria: I broke it off because his lifestyle doesn't match up to what I want. Like I knew that I wanted to like give this a try with you. Like I don't know how to explain this. 

Peter: Do you still have still have feelings for him? This is like so weird.

Victoria: NO! That's why I like broke it off. 

Peter: So you like dance and make out to someone else's ex singing to you?

Victoria: I didn't want to ruin the moment because you were so happy. I don't know what to say. 

Then, she walks off. 

Back at the hotel the women talk about if Victoria will get the rose? Why not? She got the last group date rose. There's a knock at the door. The next date card has arrived.

Mykenna thinks she needs the one-on-one worse than anyone and doesn't even want to hear her name if it's on the group card. Of course, they all think that, but she's the one picked to be the most dramatic right now. Two weeks in a row, but whatever. 

"Victoria P., Kiarra, Kelley, Deandra, Madison, Lexi, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah and Mykenna - Let's tackle love together. - Peter"

Everyone except Kelsey is on the group date card. 

So, the women talk over about 13 is a big group date. I had to back it up. They skipped Natasha's name, but evidently she is going too.

Back on the date, Peter goes looking for Victoria. She's crying. She knew he was going to react like that. He says all he could expect was honesty and respect, and she showed him that. He's not mad about that. All he cares about is if she wants to be there. 

After a hug and kiss, Peter says, "Can't we just laugh about it?"

He walks her back to the cold food they're never going to eat anyway. It's mind-blowingly weird, he wants her to be confident in "us" and gives her the rose. Having the difficult conversation wasn't easy, so he admires what she had to do. 

The next day is the annual obligatory football date.

Joining the ladies are two NFL players I know nothing about.

The women first take catches from the football throwing machine. The women get their pads on for more drills. Victoria P. says she's going to sit out because her back is still a little sore. What did she do last week? I don't even remember. Maybe she fell off of a mechanical bull like Peter did. Maybe it's from bending over backwards to get Alayah out. I'm not sure.

Victoria and Peter take her sitting out as time to cuddle and smooch in front of all the other women.

The women break into two teams and play a game.


Shiann impresses, but it's Deandra who ties up the game. That's where the game ends... a tie. That team celebrates while the other team sulks that everyone will go to the cocktail party.

Natasha tells Shiann that since she scored all the "goals" (uh... touchdowns), she should take Peter off first and that she will block for her. Shiann doesn't get the first conversation, and if looks could kill...

...She'd kill Victoria P. She claims she was upset she didn't get to play because of her back since she loves football. She is such a fake.  

Peter could see himself with her.

The women are all annoyed since she sat on the sidelines while the rest of them fought to win. Victoria already had time with him.

Shiann whines to Peter about Victoria P. stealing him. She felt pushed to the side. She wants him to know she is still there. She's not going to be around long. 

The women are waiting for their time when Alayah shows up. She walks past them to go find Peter.


She interrupts Shiann. Peter kind of looks happy. Probably just because Shiann was a buzz kill. Shiann asks if Peter wants to talk to her. He confirms that he does, so Shiann leaves.
Alayah has a few things she wanted to talk to him about. She wants to set the record straight about what was said about her. She says Peter was manipulated by asking all the women what they thought. She was thrown off by what Peter told her. Victoria P. claimed to only talk to Alayah three hours before a pageant. Alayah says they planned a trip to Vegas together and were better friends. Peter knows he is being played by someone. He says what Victoria told him.

Peter takes Victoria off. He said, "You told me this..." She admits what she originally said wasn't the whole truth. She tries to justify that by talking about all the rest of the things she spilled her guts about. She starts ugly crying. 

All the women are talking. Some of them say, "Victoria isn't a liar." Savannah disagrees having seen what happened the week before.

Peter makes the two women sit down together and talk it out. It's a bunch of she said/she said. Victoria talks about her "truth in the moment." Alayah talks about how it wasn't right. In a very odd moment, Victoria wipes a tear out of Alayah's eye. I'd be scared she was going to poke my eye out or something. Like, "Hey woman! What are you doing reaching out to get near my eye!"

Alayah says it was obvious that she and Victoria knew each other. Victoria is having to back pedal. Peter now wonders if he shouldn't have sent Alayah home because she has some points about Alayah. 

The women who didn't get time at the pool party because of the Victoria/Alayah drama are ticked it's happening all over again. 

Peter tells Alayah that he is bothered because he let others sway him last week to send her home instead of listening to his own heart. He had no reason to doubt her. He made a mistake. She thought things were good until everyone got involved. Peter asks if she wants to come back. She says she will come back, but only if he promises to get past all this. 

Peter walks Alayah back into where all the women are. Peter knows he wasn't able to chat with a lot of them, but this has been tough. Peter tells them he didn't follow his heart last rose ceremony. He's doing what he feels he needs to do. He gives Alayah the date rose since he didn't give her a rose last week.

The women are not happy. Not a one. He leaves. 

Someone asks, "What just happened?"

Alayah smarts off, "I guess Peter didn't want me to go back home. Guess I'm not going anywhere for a hot minute." 

The women start walking off mad.

Alayah tells Mykenna and Hannah Ann they have to catch her up. However, she already knows all that is going on... Kelsey has a date tomorrow. Victoria F. had a date and used to date Chase Rice. OHHH, the other women didn't know that, but Alayah says the internet knows everything. 

Tammy remarks that drama has risen from the dead.

Honestly, right now, this feels like the longest night after the longest day. If it weren't for the whole crockpot thing, I'd be done by now, but thirty more minutes of drama left.

The next morning, Alayah says that she had plenty of time to think about everything. (A few days passed, not weeks.)

The various women pair up in different conversations. The women are preparing to confront Peter about all of this.

Kelsey meets Peter for their date. Before they get started, he sits her down to tell her Alayah is back. Kelsey responds that it's better for him to explore all of his feelings now instead of later, especially if they were to be together at the end.

They explore the city and find a polka band in the town square. According to Kelsey, Peter is passionate about the polka and shared that passion with her. 

After a stop here and there, they come upon a soapbox derby. They get their turn in a car and cheat to win. 

Later that night, they are on a riverboat cruise. Her honest conversation is that many of her personality traits are a result of her parents' relationship. She knew before her mom that her dad had left because she found his wedding ring and note. She has a protective shell. She'll let some people in, but not everyone. He respects that about her. He shares what his mom and grandma went through coming from Cuba. He knows how hard it is for a single mom through stories that were shared. 

I am so bored right now. I think he would fall for any thing. This guy is so smitten by everyone. Her pouty expression gets her the rose. 

"No man has ever accepted me for me like he has." 

Peter thinks this is exactly what he needed and their relationship is advancing so much.

Meanwhile, the Victorias team up over Alayah spreading the dirt to everyone about Victoria F. and Chase dating because she was on her phone after she was sent home.

Victoria F. confronts Alayah about spreading the word about the leak online about it. None of the girls had their phones to know such things. Alayah says she didn't know that everyone didn't know. She puts on her, eye batting, "Who me?" face. 

All the women are ready to claw Alayah's eyes out. 

Time for the cocktail party. I don't think we're going to get the rose ceremony in unless they are skipping the party. 

Peter just does get out his welcome and that he wants to talk to Victoria P. when Deandra speaks up saying she has something to say. Evidently, she "has never felt so under-recognized by anyone in her life." These women had BRUISES fighting to see him. He ignored all of them, Natasha chimes in. They are angry that Alayah got the rose. He apologizes, but defends himself by saying he should have given her the rose last week. 

Peter goes back to asking Victoria P. if she wants to talk. She had an attitude and says she really doesn't want to, but will. She lays into him about why she is in this position because she was honest with him. She has a stink face as he talks. He doesn't even interrupt when she points a finger and says, "No, let me talk." After chewing him out some more, she says he needs to talk to the other Victoria. He asks what happened. "It's not my story to tell."

My dislike for Victoria P. grew by leaps and bounds throughout the night.

Inside, all the women are after Alayah. She picks up her rose to walk off. Victoria F. calls Alayah a pot-stirrer. She didn't tell anyone about Chase, but Alayah sure did and now she has to explain herself. 

Peter feels bad because upset everyone and made a mistake. 

Sydney is mad that Peter doesn't know her middle name because of the 24/7 Alayah drama. Seriously. She said that.

Peter pulls Alayah off. He doesn't know what he's going to say. He's exasperated. She's crying. He asks why all the women feel this way about her. "At first it was because I had too big of a personality and theatric." And theatric is better than dramatic how?

The women are all mad that all this drama has overshadowed EVERYTHING.

No rose ceremony last week. 

The previews for next week is all drama and screaming and crying. Lovely.