The Bachelor: Peter: Week 3 reveals the fakers

I would say there is something about Mondays and not being able to get my act together to start The Bachelor on time, but that's life every day of the week.

It just is.

So, I'm starting 15 minutes later than I intended. I'll be caught up in no time if I zoom through all the ridiculousness of the recap of the champagne from last week.

The next day, Hannah Ann is distraught over being called a champagne stealer. Alayah figures Peter is so exhausted from dealing with it for two days. I know I am.

Victoria P. is ready for her one-on-one date. We didn't see when her date card arrived.

Peter is going to show him around his hometown, but first she has to look the part. He takes her to the western wear store. he and his friends like to line dance, so he gives her lessons in the store.

I'm too old for this ooey gooeyness from her.

He takes her to the local honky tonk. A group is already there line dancing to a band. They join in. They make out in front of everyone.

Back at the mansion... blah, blah, blah. Kelsey takes Hannah Ann off to talk. Kelsey doesn't think she's a bully. She is not going to tolerate such an accusation. Kelsey does not think that calling Hannah Ann horrible things constitutes bullying. Kelsey says she doesn't even really like champagne. Hannah Ann is bawling about being put in this position.

The other women are wondering why all this is still going on.

The rest of Victoria P.'s date takes place in an airplane hangar. Victoria talks about why she is such a positive person and a caregiver. Of course, there is a sad story. Her dad died when she was really young. Her mom fell into addiction, and they were in and out of shelters a lot. She dreamed a lot of dreams, and one of her dreams was living a healthy and happy life with a family. She didn't always feel deserving of someone like Peter. She was so scared to have this conversation.

She didn't feel worthy of this. Really? You don't feel worthy of being on a reality show that's all fake. Sorry. That's just how I feel at the moment.

Peter mutters about something before giving her the rose. He claims from the bottom of his heart to have never been so inspired by someone in his life. It feels so right, even this early on. She's falling in love with him.

Back at the house a date card arrives. "Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney, Alayah... I love surprises. I hope you do too." 

There's about to be another throw down because someone things Alayah is fake. Actually, it seems more than one person thinks that. We'll come back to that later. 

The dateless women for this week... Natasha, Jasmine, and Madison. 

The next morning, Demi (you remember Demi, right) with her "henchwomen" who wakes the women by beating them with pillows and carrying on with a megaphone and siren.

The henchwomen's names are Champagne and Killer. I'm sure it's Cham-pain, actually. They are wrestlers, so... They bring outfits for the women going on the date.

There's some lingerie in the bags. Kiarra either can't read her cue cards to the camera or she's just plain out ignorant because she says, "Ling-er-ree."

Savannah, however, gets something like Amish footie pajamas. They all load up on a party bus in their various forms of sleepwear with Peter and head to a saloon. Cham-pain and Killer are after it with each other in the ring having a pillow fight. It's Demi's Extreme Pillow Fight Club.

Tammy was on the high school wrestling team, so the women better watch out. Fred Willard and Chris Harrison are there for the commentary. Fred is looking especially weak this season.

First round is Tammy vs. Kelley. Tammy is so rough she is disqualified.

Shiann beats the crap out of Savannah.

After two more preliminary rounds, Alayah beats Sydney in the final round.

It's time for the after party. Alayah wears a pageant crown as her reward for winning.

Sydney is not only bitter over not winning, though she clearly (in her mind) won. She thinks Alayah is the princess who puts on for a show.

Alayah does worry about going days without seeing Peter because she has been abandoned by so many friends and relationships. She is smiling through all of this.

Later, Alayah is back with everyone. Since she is a pageant girl, Sydney, asks if she has a job. Alayah says she has three jobs. Alayah talks about having to always to have the answers since she was a title holder for so long. She doesn't necessarily seem to be overly shady to me at the moment, but Sydney sure calls her on it.

Peter is intrigued by Kelly and sure enjoys his time with her. Something about her, maybe the Botox or collagen injections makes me think she's kind of weird.

Tammy entertains Peter too.

Sydney is a buzz kill when she gets her time with Peter. Everyone else tonight has been upbeat. Not her. She says she's the polar opposite of the people he seems to have a connection with. She says this setting makes people put on facades. She talks about some women being two different people if the camera is around. This is a downer because Peter doesn't want a fake, especially after seeing Hannah fall for someone who was there for the wrong reasons.

Peter comes back to the group with something on his mind. He said there were concerns brought up about people not being there for the wrong reasons. He doesn't want to be blindsided or fooled. Peter puts Sydney on the spot saying it was she who brought up that some people are different around the house vs. around Peter.

This is when Sydney brings up Alayah's name. She asks if anyone else feels like Sydney. There is silence from the rest of the women.

He warns everyone to just be real. Peter then walks off.

Alayah calls Sydney out on needing to saying anything. She says her night has been ruined now that Sydney brought something up. Of course, she puts on a little for the cameras. The two go after one another, and everyone else is quiet.

Alayah goes off to talk to Peter because she is confused. She gets her concern on not being blindsided, but she's wondering why she got called out. She turns on tears. Ok. Those do look fake. Peter believes her.

Alayah comes back and asks if she missed anything fun.

Peter comes back again to and out the date rose. He gives her the rose for putting him first and being honest with him.

He dismisses everyone for the night.

The next day is the day of tears. 

Alayah talks to Mykenna about the night before. Not that she's ugly without makeup, but she looks a lot different without makeup. 

The day of the rose ceremony, Peter is going to be there all day for a pool party. This is going to take the place of the cocktail party. 

He was looking forward to today, but he's not feeling his best. Some fear and doubt is creeping in.

First thing, he wants to talk to Sydney and apologizes for putting her in the situation that he did. She tells him today to really look at the inside of everyone, not the outside.

Alayah is talking to Hannah Ann and Mykenna about how no one else expressed concerns.

Kelsey also brings up the camera faces of pageant girls to Peter. She also brings up Alayah.

Shiann brings it up to Peter.

Lexi says Alayah's voice goes up 5 octaves when cameras are around. Then there's a clip where this happens.

Alayah would never go to Peter about his relationship with anyone else. She takes Sydney off to talk. Boy, Alayah works her annunciation.

Moving on, Peter thinks Madison is genuine. They talk about their date meeting his family. Again. That's all they have to talk about.

Alayah blah, blah, blahs to Hannah Ann and Mykenna some more. She then takes Peter off to talk. She had to address a few things first. She is getting on my nerves more as the episode goes on.

Peter really trusts Victoria P.'s opinion and asks her what she thinks about all of this. Victoria was Miss Louisiana and was around her for a collective three hours before. Alayah asked her to not tell producers that they knew each other before. She says Alayah was open to all opportunities after this, even if it didn't work out with Peter. Victoria's a little drama queen to me too.

Peter takes Alayah off to talk again. He hates that he has to keep bringing up this stuff with her. However, he doesn't feel 100% good about it because multiple people have brought stuff up. He wants direct, honest answers from her on some things. He says, "Maybe you've been manipulative..."

"Have you told Victoria not to mention that the two of you knew each other?"

Alayah says she didn't want them to be disqualified because they knew each other. She acts like they had more of a friendship than they did. They chat a bit more, and Peter goes off to think. Alayah cries when he leaves.

Chris Harrison arrives to tell the women that Peter has gone home. The next time they see him will be at the rose ceremony.

Mykenna is upset because some of them didn't get the time they needed.

Alayah is upset someone she trusted and was friends with turned on her. Victoria P. had to tell the truth to the man she's falling in love with.

Peter arrives.

We started the week with 19 women. Victoria F., Victoria P. and Sydney have roses.

  1. Kelsey
  2. Hannah Ann
  3. Natasha
  4. Lexi
  5. Madison
  6. Shiann (I don't care for her... or her tears and whining in the voiceovers.)
  7. Kelley
  8. Kiarra
  9. Tammy
  10. Savannah
  11. Deandra
Peter walks off before handing out any more roses. Chris Harrison asks what he is going to do, but Peter says that he doesn't know. He's debating whether or not to send Alayah home. He thought he would feel some kind of "sureness" being up there, but he's not.

Two roses sit on the table. Chris Harrison comes and plucks one of them off the table.

Mykenna. Her expression when Harrison took one of the roses off the table was best described as stricken. She was freaking in her producer segments. Like freaking about how much she had to give.

So, those going home are: Alayah, Alexa, Jasmine and Sarah. 

Alayah's voice is extremely high as she leaves. She'll always wonder if the rose taken away was for her. 

Sydney needs to go next. 

A producer asks Peter if he is ok. He doesn't feel good sending "her" home. He doesn't know if he wants her to leave. The producer asks why he did it in the first place. He says he's not going to be over it anytime soon. 

In the previews, there's actually some juicy tidbits. Victoria F. dated the singer from next week's private concert. Talk about awkward... We haven't seen the last of Alayah either.