The laziest day in recent memory

For all my talk of being ready to get back into a routine with work and life in general next week, I really did the past two weeks wrong. I was looking forward to the end of the year in order to take some down time, but I didn't do it right. 

There were some late evenings, some Saturday work hours to make up for taking some time, and working on days I hadn't intended to work. 

And I'm feeling it. Today, involved a whole lot of nothing. I did get out to go to an estate sale to see what they had and to Home Depot to see what Christmas trees they had left to replace mine (see yesterday's post). They were 75% off, but were all skinny or not as full as what I wanted. Good deal if I wasn't being picky. 

Dad did come over to hang a welcome sign my brother gave me for Christmas on the house. I uncovered my plants so they could get some rain if it would ever rain even though I may have to cover them again by Tuesday night. 

I vacuumed up all the stupid fake tree needles. Well, I vacuumed them all until I wrapped the cord up on the vacuum cleaner, then had to plug it in and go at it again when more magically showed up. 

I played way too many games on my phone and dozed off for 15 minutes on the couch when the phone rang. 

It was my grandmother asking if you could enlarge the writing on the cards of her solitaire game on her new Kindle Fire. I'm sure you can, but the heck if I know how over the phone not looking at it. More questions ensued. I answered, "I don't know," many, many times. Hopefully, my muttering in my head didn't come out loud enough in a whisper to be heard. Like a little kid awakened from a nap, I was grouchy. 

Finally, I got my furniture in the living room rearranged and arranged books. All those Readers Digest books are double stacked. The ones where you see the pages, not the spines aren't done that way just to be some modern decorating trend. They are that way so that I can see colors and patterns. Sitting here in the chair (shown on the left) and seeing the shelves out of my peripheral vision, I absolutely hate it that way.

The thing is, I was trying to get the off the brown shelves in this photo:

I need these shelves not to bow under the weight, and I've been wanting to put some of MY books (not craft books) on these bookshelves. I did not get done tonight, but I am also going to make sure that I don't move books back over.

Needless to say, we didn't sell enough books during craft season to thin the hoard out more by now. Those three shelves are 350+ books. There's probably 200 out in the craft room.

We'll start cutting more at some point, so I'll thin these out, thank goodness.

So, I need to wrap this up. I got my lesson for tomorrow printed out, but still need to go over it and prep for Bible class in the morning. I got sidetracked shopping for printer cartridges and deleting pointless photos off my phone.