Thursday, August 9, 2012

My creativity at work

This is what I was doing last week/weekend. This is my VBS classroom for this week. I had to move to a bigger room since the one on Sunday mornings is tiny. It had been a long while since I had really done up a room.

Everyone asks where I got the backdrop - Oriental Trading.

Rachel and I made the palm trees. I lettered the memory verse signs and Rachel help me filled in.

The pirates were colored and cut out by me, Rachel, Jenny, Ellen, Peyton and Paige.




Christen E. Krumm said...

Dang that's a good palm tree... Maybe you should make more, move them into your office, and drink iced drinks with umbrellas -- pretend you're working at a resort... .... .... Mmmm....


Audra Jennings said...

I love my palm trees. They would somewhat match my house decor, but I don't have room for them.