Enough with technology already

I have had enough of trying to make technology work. It seems like I am still setting up my new computer since I couldn't get my old one functioning right after it had a moment of crash. I still need to try to get some recovery software on it to see if I can get back that was not backed up. Sounds like fun, huh?

Now that I got a replacement TV since the old one became a TV for the blind (the picture went out and had volume only), I CANNOT get my Dish remote to find the right code to operate the volume of the TV when the train comes by. It's annoying me.

So, I went to my computer to blog, and my DSL isn't working. I THINK it is because my upgrade equipment (to get better yet cheaper internet service) came in Wednesday, and my old service isn't working because AT&T mistakenly thought I was going to complete my installation after 8 PM last night as soon as I was able to do so. WRONG!!! Josh Lucas and his blue eyed self was on a new episode of The Firm last night. And I am not setting it up tonight after sitting in front of a computer for more than 12 hours a day the past two days.

So here I am pecking away on my phone through the old interface because my phone only types every third letter on Blogger's new interface. Which I hate that Blogger doesn't have a BlackBerry app.

At least I am laughing at Mark Cuban dancing on Shark Tank that I recorded earlier.

I'm praying that the technology fairy visits so that I don't spend all weekend punching buttons and making everything work in perfect harmony.

Yes, I realize the pettiness of this. I am not a starving child in Africa. I am just annoyed and frustrated. At least tonight is the night that should have hot water, and the landlord did unclog the tub. Oh, how I took a draining bathtub for granted.