What is wrong with children TODAY?

Seriously, this must have been hyper children day. This morning in Sunday school, I can usually get the kids pretty settled, the fifth graders this morning reminded me a whole lot of the fourth graders I taught during that one semester I taught school. They were hyped up from being back in school for a week after being out for two weeks, I guess. I don't know what it was.

It went downhill after I had everyone laughing so hard they were crying. Actually, one kid might have been crying and not laughing at all. I'm not really sure.

I try to teach them a new song, or sing a different song every week because the whole congregation is tired of the three songs the kids pick on Sunday nights - The Color Song, Kumbaya (the newer version), and Blue Skies and Rainbow. Even the preacher's wife thinks I need to be teaching him some new material.

This morning, they had several choices, and I told one of the boys we would have to sing his song next week. He wasn't necessarily pleased. Of course, this after I told him Ten Thousand Angels was also off today's list. Then I told him instead of Doubting Thomas or Doodling Thomas (a name he got a few weeks ago), he was being "Pouting Thomas."

His answer, "You did not just go there!" If you knew him and his tone, you would find this hilarious. I got tickled, got to laughing, as did everyone else laughing at the both of us and our exchange, and we were all laughing so hard we had tears - boys and girls alike. Thomas had to get up for Kleenex. I'm really hoping it was from laughing so hard and not upestting him otherwise. We were back on good terms later, so I think so.

Paul, whose song was one we were going to sing, tried leading the song when he had a "Peter Brady Moment". You know, as in, "when it's time to change you have to rearrange" crack? I had to explain this reference to them because goodness knows I'm old and they haven't seen the show. It was kind of funny too, but I assured him it was ok and it just meant he was going to be better able to lead those boys parts in the not too distant future.

From there, I couldn't get them to shut up. I told them, "don't make me tell ya'll to shut up in church." One girl said, "but you just said it, and it's a bad word." I told her that was the point and it might not have been nice, but I didn't just curse in church. I also told her she could laugh becuase it was funny.

We sort of got through the lesson today. Sort of.

Fast forward to tonight. My family got together for my Dad's birthday which is today, my brother's which is Tuesday and Madison's which is next Sunday. Layton was hollering like I've never heard him hollering, right in my ear. Paige, Peyton and Madison were on the hyper side. My ears were ringing after they headed out, and I thought I was going to have to take Advil when I got home. And none of them are usually that wound up, especially all at once.

So, parents, all I have to say is good luck getting your kids to bed tonight. You're going to need it.