My mother thinks it's love

The love skeptic in me says it isn't. And even if it is, it does not matter.

Well, the good news is that I don't have to worry about whether or not I really made the boy "T" in my Sunday School class cry last week. I'm pretty sure we're all good now.

This morning, many of the kids were out with their older siblings at a retreat or elsewhere, so my class of 9 last week was 4 this week. However, they were still a little more rambunctious than usual. The quiet, usually more timid one - the one I was somewhat worried that I had humiliated to tears last week is certainly emerging from his shell. I don't know what I've done to the kid.

After church this morning, the two boys - the best of friends and usually up to something came my way after church with papers in hand. "C" tries handing me a piece of paper while "T" is trying to make sure I don't see it. My mother says, "they're writing you love notes. I saw something about my dear Audra."

Finally, I rescue one piece of paper from C and give it back to T so that T will not be embarrassed by whatever it is that C is trying to show me. A few minutes later, T shows back up and lets me look at one page. It says, "Dear Miss Audra, I hope you recover soon from your psychoticness."

AWWWW!!! Isn't that sweet? He made me give it back or I would scan it in to show you.

I told Mom what it said, and she asked if it was spelled correctly. (Keep in mind that I have made these kids have a spelling be to spell angel and John.) Surprisingly, I think it was spelled correctly or close to it. I only got to look for a minute and it was hyphenated from one line to another so I was good to tell psy - choticness.

Yes, this is what the 5th grade boys had going on during the sermon today. I'm deeply touched. And somewhat worried about what next week brings.