I blame the government

Earlier this week, I was lamenting to myself that this would be a long year. I was trying to figure out how I could do my job in needing to know what's going on in the world and at the same time staying off the internet and stop watching TV (except skillfully using DVR at all times) so that I would not have to listen to and see all things surrounding the 2012 election every day.

And whose bright idea was it for election year and leap year to coincide? I know each comes every four years (as does the Olympics), but who decided it should be the same year every four years? That means it's one more day of political blah-blah.

You know it had to have been a politician that came up with this. Obviously, had to have been.

I'm having the same kind of reaction to all the Tebow fanaticism on Facebook. I'm so ready for the Super Bowl to be over (so that we can get past football season - not that I'm saying the Broncos will be in it), and not just because The Voice premieres afterwards. And yes, I am so ready to see Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. And no, I'm not sure who looks more uncomfortable... Ceelo Green (aka the Milk Dud - think about it) or Christina Aguilara with her "ladies" lifted up her neck.

Back to Tebow... Yes, I give him credit for being a bold, professing Christian. He's not the only one in the world. I think people are coming close to worshiping Tebow instead of the One and Only that Tebow is worshiping.

You know what, I blame the government for this one too. If the government had not restricted everyone to be "politically correct" more people would be able to profess their faith and Tebow wouldn't be such a rare sight.

What are you tired of hearing about?