Yesterday's tale continued

Alright, now I can actually explain why I decided to just go to bed yesterday as it just seemed like a bad day for me and anything involving electricity.

It was cold in the office, so I went and got a space heater we've had stored in another room and plug it in. Why not, it's here, right?

After 10-15 minutes of being plugged in, a fuse blew knocking out just a small section of electricity in the building. OK. I'll plug it into another wall, hopefully a different circuit. I don't really know that it was, but it's an old building and it was worth trying. The heater had an alarm on it, and after five minutes, I guess it got too hot. Fine, I'll be cold.

Looking up at my light fixture at the moment, I also realize I blew out a light bulb after tightening and checking them all on Monday.

I wasted what seemed like half of the morning by having to re-do something in our database three times because my notes kept deleted somehow. Thankfully, the third time was the charm.

When I got home after church last night, I sat down to eat a bite and turn on the TV. I have volume, but absolutely no picture. If the picture is truly out, that's quite frustrating because I just bought a new computer because my other one was not running correctly after having to do a forced system recovery and erasing everything. I just finally got all my pictures and music moved on to the new computer after having to buy an SD chip recovery program (that didn't recover everything) and uploading a bunch of CDs back on to iTunes.

So, since my TV was not working, I thought, it's a sign to get some work done. Then, my internet decided to run slower that Vladimir Guerrero in a 10 run game. (Remember how slow he was Ranger fans?) It was actually running much slower than that.

Fine, I'll see if I can quickly blog on my BlackBerry. With the newer interface of Blogger, that doesn't work either because only every 4th letter I was typing (slowly hoping it might register), so I finally just gave up to take a shower and go to bed.

Hopefully, the landlord is coming out today to stop the incessant drip in the kitchen and tend to the bathtub that won't drain because I was probably standing in 6 inches of water by the time I got my hair washed last night. Of course, I've been complaining about this for a while.

Here's to hoping today is much more productive. After all, I got up an hour and a half early to try to cram it all in!