One of these days...

One of these days, I'm going to get back on my new touch screen computer and really try it out. However, today is not the day. I spent 15 hours in front of another computer today, and it's just not going to happen today.

It's like Christmas, but you don't get to play with your toys until New Year's. Someday.

At 9:00 tonight I launched a call with AT&T tech support because that is always fun on a Friday night. I keep getting notifications by phone "you can now set up your AT&T Uverse..." No, I can't. I don't have equipment. Turns out Motorola messed up their shipment to AT&T, so I won't get it for a few weeks. Sigh. And I was ready to finally have Wi-Fi set at the house so that I wouldn't have to keep switching the DSL cable from one computer to another. I know that isn't major trauma, but a little annoying in that I hope I don't get a recorded message every day until it gets here.

It also means that I can't do some other set up on my new computer while I'm working on my work one. So much for great multi-tasking. But I think I will survive.