The lie

Every last one of my single friends and blog readers can debate me on this. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. I'm usually someone to be the first to say that they may be wrong. However, this time, I really don't think that I am. Well, maybe with one exception, and I won't tell you who that one person might be.

Jenny left her comment earlier on yesterday's blog, and she was exactly right, guessing exactly where I was going.

I got to thinking about this after the Timmy the Fly conversation on the parking lot after church the other night. One of the three of us there said these words, "I'm not looking for anyone right now. I'm perfectly happy being on my own."

At that particular moment, it could have been true. But I know as I was standing there, I was thinking, "yeah sure." I know, that's wrong of me to assume anything.

We all say it though. We're fine being alone. We don't need anyone. We aren't looking for anyone. We just want to be friends. We just want hang out. Suuurrrrrre. Every last one of my female currently unmarried my friends and co-workers (oh goodness, some of my former co-workers) were wanting someone on some level.

I am, but I'm not. I say the "I'm not looking part all the time." I'm not actively seeking out, but honestly, I keep my eyes open.

Are we all just trying not to be pathetic? Trying not to be needy? Trying to put on a strong face? Does just admitting the truth do any harm?

Here's the whole fact of the matter: we're born wanting companionship, and we don't just want a friend. We want to be LOVED. God made humans that way. It's not a sign of weakness.

Yeah, admitting it might scare the guys off, but they want the same thing. They're all looking for someone too. Yes, I think women are worse about being emotional and tend to be more desperate about it.

Fortunately, my group of friends and I are of the independent, can make it on our on variety. And that's a good thing because with each passing day the likelihood of us hooking a man is slipping by. Goodness knows, with age comes baggage. We just have to decide how bad we want a man.

I just don't know anyone that wants the Fly yet.