Nothing says love like a dead animal

I commented last night on Facebook that I had forgot about watching Cajun Pawn Stars. On that show, a person can pawn a donkey. Last week, someone sold their goat to to the store, and someone else tried to sell their alien in a jar. 

Obviously, anything goes. 

After referring to this, one Facebook stalkers, I mean, one of my friends shared a story with me. I love Christine - we mutually stalk each other on Facebook. 

She gave me permission to share her story here. I must say, after reading her stories, I don't think of my own gift stories sound so bad.

And, I'm pretty sure you can find these items at Silver Dollar Pawn Shop in Louisiana. 

For my birthday, I got a cross from my mom. I opened my presents with my parents over the phone, so I said, “Wow. This is interesting. What type of wood is this made of?”

It looked like little roundish pieces of wood glued end to end. 

My mom said, “Look for the little card.”

So I pull out the little card and begin to read. It turns out that the cross is not made of wood. It’s made from the scales of a 200-lb fish that lives in the bayou by a Cajun craftsman. 

Yes, that’s right. Nothing says “I love you” like gifts made from dead fish!

As if that weren't enough, she got enough gift from this talented artist.

Fast forward to Christmas. I’m opening my gifts, and there’s a box that says “Pecan House” on it. I’m thinking, “Oh, maybe they got me pecans.”

So I open it, and there’s no pecans.

There’s a craft item in there. It’s on the shape of a magnolia flower, and whatever it’s made of us painted.  I’m looking at it, remembering the box, and thinking that it doesn’t look like it’s made out of pecans. What is it?

So I asked my mom when I called her that morning. She said it didn’t come from the Pecan House, that was just the box. She said it was made by the same folks who made the cross. It was made out of “alligator buttons” which is the scaly things on their back. 

Dead animal present #2. I’m beginning to think it was a bad idea for my parents to move to Mississippi....