A year in photos?

Challenge accepted?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook last night that she was going to try to do a photo a day for a year of photos like one of her friends did last year. I've seen people post monthly challenges, etc. and thought about it for two seconds before dismissing the idea for whatever reason at the time. 

Well, as Barney Stinson would say on How I Met Your Mother... Challenge accepted! Of course, this may last a week. Actually, it's a good thing I started this week rather than last while I've been holed up at home. Actually, with the exception of working while I was at home, I can't say this past week was much different than any other. 

My only worry is that half of my photos will look exactly like this one. Can you tell I straightened up my desk yesterday? Actually, you can't really see anything I moved around. Actually, I moved all of this around and put it right back like it was because there isn't much room in my office to rearrange anything. Most of the furniture in the room has to stay where it is. I won't show you now because I'm sure many photos in future days will come from this room. 

I'll share daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but do a round-up every few days or every week here.