Back to life, back to reality

I must really be getting old.

Actually, that's a fact. It's been 10 years since I last went on the Ft. Parker trip as a cabin counselor. That was before the trip became a three night event. I thought, "Oh, we'll get back, then I'll put in at least half a day's work. I can make up the other hours with no sweat."

Or not.

I came home, took a hot shower and washed my hair which made me feel like a different person. I went into the office to work and quickly zoned out. I took a long nap and only managed two hours of work in two different one hour sets of time.

Not exactly what I needed to accomplish today. So, I'll spend the rest of the week trying to make it up.

But, let me tell you. I really appreciate this love seat and ottoman at the moment. Like really appreciate it. I'll be appreciating my bed at a time earlier than it's been appreciated in a long while tonight.

Normally, a few nights at the Holiday Inn is roughing it for me. Yes, I'm a wimp.

I'm not opposed to going back next year, but I'm not signing up to go right this minute.