I've got to stop planning for my future

It's no secret that I desperately want a house of my own. But, I have got to stop planning or shopping for when that someday happens. I simply do not have any space left in my current home.

A few years ago, I went ahead and bought the chair and ottoman that matched the couch I was buying because someday, I was going to have a bigger place. I did have to get rid of some furniture that ended up being rotten in order to make the furniture fit.

Now, I need to rehang a large picture and move some smaller things around because today, I bought this.

I did get a really good deal on it. A local store is going out of business, and this was a shelf they had dishes, etc. displayed on. Before Christmas, I told them if they still hadn't sold it when they really got ready to move stuff out to call me. They called yesterday. When I decided I wanted the hutch, it had no doors on it. I liked it as a shelf and it goes well with some of my other furniture. 

When I went to pick it up, they said, "we have all the doors in the back." Oh. Doors. I decided that yes, I like the doors on the bottom, and that I can use it for a different purpose than I originally planned (got a couple of things I'm deciding between). However, I'm undecided about the doors on the top. Not sure that I'm loving them. I'd like to use the top for display rather than storage. 

Whatever I decide to store in the hutch, I know I'm REALLY going to like it when I have a bigger place and can use it in a dining area instead of near my front door.

Someday. That's what I keep telling myself. Someday. 

And if it doesn't happen soon, I'm going to start looking like a hoarder.