One reason why I will never be an author

I'd never make it as an author.

I've always been a writing procrastinator. Always.

Not that I've ever been bad at writing - I can be pretty good - but I'm also slow.

Even when I was in school and had to do a book report or a research paper, it took me oh so much longer than it should. Spend too much time on reading first. Too much time on research.

And I also put it off to the last minute. I'm still like that... to this day.

Today, press kits are my real life adult version of book reports. It's a mental thing. I know it is. I over-think too.

For that reason, I would never-ever-ever be able to be an author and meet a book deadline. Ever.

Trying to make a deadline would be the anxiety-ridden death of me. Tonight's photo of the day is me trying to finish off a press kit while sitting on my parents' couch. I was getting tired and putting too much pressure on myself to get it done, so I put it away for the night. That's when my mind plays tricks on me and I really become unproductive.

I'm telling myself that I'll whip it out before I take Paige and Peyton to Hobby Lobby tomorrow since we can't leave until the afternoon.

And sometimes I can do them a little faster than others. I have some anxiety about writing this one right the first time around. Feel the pressure. Feel the pressure.

Any hints for conquering my procrastination and distraction?


Andrea Schultz said…
Realize it'll never be perfect. Just get on with it! :P
Mama Bear said…
Set a timer. Work for 15-30 minutes, "play" for the same amount. That's how I've been ever so slowly getting my work done. :)