As uneventful as a NYE can get

You know I'm boring. My New Year's Eve proves it.

Today, Angie and I did go over to Canton to shop at the Fiesta Ware Dish Barn and get some MDF shapes I needed at First Monday. We had lunch at Buttermilk's, but that's as exciting as it got. We didn't even tarry long. We got what I was looking for and were done.

We got home by, I don't know, maybe 5:00, and then I ran by my parents' house and went home for the night. I took ornaments off of the tree (I didn't pack them up though - just got them onto the kitchen table), read, dozed before midnight, woke back up, and that was it.

I did pick up this for our booth as an attention getter. I wanted to have it for Derrick Days in April, but it will go out to Virgil and Maudie's first. It will be painted silver with the oil at the top black.