Random Christmas movie musing

Now that Christmas is officially behind us, the regular TV shows need to come back on. I am so over Hallmark Christmas movies that I'm sure will continue through the upcoming weekend. I'm watching because the options right now are so slim.

They are all the same. Mom and I were discussing this.

One third stars Candace Cameron Bure, one third Lacey Chabert, and the last third random female lead.

The story lines are divided between:
  1. Returning to small home town with high school crush.
  2. Leaving the big city and moving to a small town named something Christmassy (Winter, Hollyville, Chesnut...) and/or obsessed with Christmas.
  3. Twelve days of Christmas gifts (back to back viewed several days ago).
  4. Falling on their head and dreaming or magically granted a wish by Santa to live the life they would have had if they did or didn't marry someone and trying to figure out how to get back to their old life.

I guess that means there are actually 12 combinations. Ironic.