At this point, does anyone care if I get back to the Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life recap?

Things are sort of slowing down in my life right now, and I have lots of blogging days I need to fill coming up. (Even though I'm back date blogging right now). I've been contemplating whether it's too late or if anyone cares if I get back around to blogging my thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Oh back when it came out a month ago, I full well intended to. I promised my friend, Lori, a post for Fiction Addict. But then I got to decorating my Christmas tree, finishing orders and had two more craft events to finish projects for. Then, I got to a point where I just wanted to do nothing. I got my December cold...

This week I've just wanted to read a book that I got for Christmas (which I hate, and Lori would definitely hate) and sleep. I'll need to take my Christmas tree down at some point. I do have a couple of special orders I still haven't gotten around to. I do need to do some bookkeeping tasks for the craft business.

I have, however, played the revival through two more times in the background while working. (I've multi-tasked all three times, so there are things I actually just caught on the third time through.)

Now that I got distracted with YouTube videos when I should have been doing any number of things, I'm not so sure that I can out do this guy's spot on summary.

Are you curious about my take? Let me know!