Countdown to crazy

Every season I ask myself why I am going to blog about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. The truth is, I just try to see how many people actually read my blog and get some new people taking a look. I just want attention. 

I do believe I entertain some people I'll never know about. A couple of weeks ago, the daughter of one of the elders from church was in town visiting family. I was at a restaurant eating with my parents when she stopped by to tell me how much she enjoyed reading my reality rants. It did make me feel good.

So, get ready for next week when I start blogging about Nick Viall's season. This is going to be painful y'all. I can't stand Nick, even after he seemed a little more normal on Bachelor in Paradise. I predict it's going to be the most vile (pun can be intended) season yet because of how Nick has been in the past. 

I have never been a fan. I hope he finds someone so he will go away and we won't have to watch him anymore.

I say that, but even then, there will be a wedding special and perhaps a "Happily Ever After" series. Speaking of which, I got caught up on Ben and Lauren's new show. She is horrible. I can't stand her, but I digress.

Of course, after seeing the preview above, I'm already thinking they should have chosen women closer to his age. I think he's far from mature, but it wouldn't hurt to have some mature women on the show. 

At any rate, get ready for my Monday night recaps and my live tweeting. (@audrajennings on Twitter)