I may not be able to handle new technology

So, I was talking on yesterday's post about my camera and it nudging me towards getting a new phone. Truth is... I really could use the upgrade. It's a minor inconvenience, but relative pain to have to charge my phone all the time and delete stuff on my phone on a regular basis because of internal memory.

My phone came today and I started getting it set up.

The thing about a new phone... it's part, oh goody it's going to do something different and it will be great and... part, oh my goodness I'm never going to get this thing set up right ever in my life.

First time through, I didn't want it to copy 1700 contacts, but then it didn't transfer contacts at all. Ok. I'll reconnect with my old phone.

Ok, I'll choose a swipe pattern to lock it though I don't really feel like I need to lock my screen. Ok. I hope I remember that pattern.

Add in all my email addresses. Doesn't everyone have multiples? Ok, I think this is the right password for XYZ, nope, try this other one instead.

I don't think I'm activated yet. I'll just deal with all this when I finish charging it.

Leave the house for a while and come back later.

Pick up the phone and try to get back in. Try 5 swipe patterns. "Try again in 30 seconds."

Try 3 swipe patterns. "Try again in 60 seconds."

Try 1. "Try again in 5 minutes."

Then it was 10.

Then it was 30.

Then it was an hour.

If I hadn't gotten it right then, I wasn't going to get it right, period. Ever.

I went into my parents' office to the computer and logged onto AT&T to chat online with Jerome. Not his real name, I am sure. However, I will say the chat people have been very helpful this week because I have typed with three different people.

He had to figure out how to manually factory reset my phone so that I could start over since we couldn't bypass the pattern screen.

I did finally get back in my phone after the restart, but had to start from scratch with setting up everything again. Then, I had 1700+ contacts in my phone again and no way to weed out anyone I had ever followed on Twitter (not an exaggeration). I manually deleted out 1700 people from the address book. From experience, I know my car will never be able to make a phone call if I don't because it would never sync. I mean goodness knows I don't have Mark Cuban, Jonathan Lucroy,  the cast of The Bachelorette or any other reality series' star's phone number. Those are just a few of the people I deleted out of my contacts. There was even some ferret. I have no idea where that came from.

All this, and I still don't know if my new camera will sync up. I haven't gotten there yet.

I almost just got locked out of Facebook and had to reset another password because I've had to change some lately and I can't remember what on earth I did this time.

Let's just say all those memory games I've been playing on my Peak app sure don't seem to be doing any good!

I also have to train myself that the recent and back buttons are on opposite sides from my old phone. I may have to go back to a flip phone.