The week in randomness

This is the photo of the excitement of the week. While I was out at Virgil and Maudie's boxing up Christmas product, a transformer blew out. One of the shop owners and I walked outside to see what was going on and saw the start of a grass fire. Evidently someone was driving along with something in the back of their truck or trailer that blew out, hit a power line, and sparked a grass fire across the highway from the shop. When Emily called 911, they said they would send someone to "check it out." The wind was blowing at high speeds, and it seemed like it took them forever to get out there.

Are you familiar with Klout? It's a social media measuring tool/website that gives you a score based on your influence, what you talk about on social media, etc. Sometimes it comes up with the strangest things. I am ranked as an "expert" on The Bachelor already. Talking about it and the hot tubs on the show has evidently made me an expert on all things hot tubs and saunas. That's the only connection I can make. Otherwise, Klout is kind of confused. I can't figure what I have said that makes me rank as an expert on romance or the Roman Catholic Church. I'm definitely not an expert on BEING a mom.

The Sunday before Christmas it didn't get out of the 30s. A week later, on Christmas it was in the upper 70s. It was close to 80 part of the week. (It was 78* in my office day before yesterday because I didn't turn the air up there on.) I've gone back and forth between air and heat this week. Dad tarped all my plants before the cold weather hit the week before Christmas, and they still froze or they look like they froze. When we pulled the tarps off after a week, they looked horrible. Some of them had mildewed. Fuzzy mold hung off of hibiscus blooms that died before they bloomed. I'd kept that hibiscus alive longer than I usually do. Thankfully a few of my pineapple plants were in the small metal shed and didn't look as bad. If all my pineapple plants die, I'm going to be so upset. I had a great looking crop going. I picked off all my lemons last week. Now all the leaves are shriveled up, but at least the steps are still green.

It's going to get cold again next week, so dad was able to fit more into the shed, is going to use plastic instead of the other tarps this time, and brought my big palm inside. I've had it for years and years. It's frozen before. It keeps blowing over because it's top heavy and heavy to one side. Before my sunroom was an art studio, I brought all my plants in. It's a catch 22. I wish I could bring them in now, but there's just not room. It needs to be my craft room too. But, my poor pineapple plants! I just know they're going to bloom this year if they survive.