But it was a really, really good deal

I used to be one of those people who bemoaned Hobby Lobby putting out their Christmas decorations in middle of the summer. I now understand it perfectly. Seeing people post online about the decorations making their way out, I decided I needed to make a run and scoop up some things. Seriously. Instead of doing PR work on the weekends, I need to be making Christmas decorations.

After doing some work in the office, I caught Angie at the right time to make a spontaneous trip for Christmas shopping.

Yes, I did buy some Christmas items, but I found some of my favorite yarn to crochet with on sale for 75% off. That's $1.49 a skein or less. I've made trips specifically for this yarn in the past. I bought all this. Now when, am I going to find time to crochet? I need to make Christmas trees and Christmas signs!

I've had a hoard of yarn for a couple of years (at least) I haven't used yet! I'm becoming certifiable!