Hoping for no drama in the Bahamas

I have absolutely got to quit work earlier on Monday nights than I do. It took me forever to make and eat my salad, and here I am starting about thirty minutes late. Sigh. I never learn my lessons.

This is an important week for Becca as she goes from six to the four that she will visit on hometown dates next week.

This week, Becca and the guys head to the Bahamas. Becca is so excited to be there for the first time. After last week, she's hoping for no drama in the Bahamas. Well, good luck with that.

The guys wait for the date card and muse about how big the week is and how stressful it will be. Taking someone home to the family is a big deal. There may be a lot of loves and falling in loves falling around this week.

There are going to be four dates this week and no rose ceremony. Three one-on-one dates and a group date. The roses will be handed out at the dates. She takes Colton off first and Blake pouts. Everyone thought it was going to be him to get the first group date, or so he claims. I don't know why he thinks that. 

The men talk about why Colton is going on this date. They wonder if he will share about his lack of advanced m mju relationship experience. Definitely not anything wrong with that. Should be that way, but all the guys think it is an issue. The guys are obsessed with it.

It's a boat date. Lounging around on the water. Becca thinks Colton is Greed god-like with his golden hair and built-ness. They are having a good time, and he's about to spill his beans when they get a visitor by way of another boat. They are going to go conch hunting and there's a lesson about the Bahamian natural Viagra. TMI.

They have these little surface snorkels that aren't very handy as deep as they have to dive for them. As deep as Colton has to dive. They pull out the pistols from the conch. It's like eating a worm. Neither Becca or Colton is impressed.

Going into "dinner" Becca is sure Colton will get the rose. She says he would have to drop a giant bomb on her to not get it. He builds up talking about needing to tell her about something that may be a roadblock for them. He starts by saying it isn't something he has talked about or many people know. He spent a lot of time focusing on football, not relationships. He has only had one serious girlfriend up to now and hasn't dated much. He is a virgin. He is proud. He should be. He really, really should be.

Becca excuses herself for a minute. It was longer than a minute, then comes back. Becca asks more about his relationship with his girlfriend that he loved. After talking a little bit more, she does give him the rose.

They go off to play kissy face in front of the fountains.

At the hotel, Blake is whining about wanting his one-on-one. Leo gets the card when there is a knock on the door. "Garrett - Love is in the air."

Blake whines about how Becca has to know how this is killing him. "Maybe we don't have something special after all." Colton comes back and no one wants to ask what they did on the date. 

The next day, it is her second one-on-one date with Garrett, the man she gave the first impression rose to. They are going to see the islands from a sea plane. The men see the plane and are all jealous. 

After their fun in the air, they spend time on the beach. Garrett tells Becca that Colton's return last night was the most awkward return because everyone was so silent when he got back. They move on to talking about how he never comes across as discouraged, and how he's an upbeat person. He says something like, I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, but we can be perfect together.

Blake is still having his pouty fit/reality check about not being the only guy there. Wills wants a one-on-one date. There is a knock on the door. 

The card reads: "Blake - You make my heart skip a beat. - Becca."

The other guys - Wills, Jason and Leo - realize they are vying for being her last choice.

Over dinner, Becca asks Garrett who she will be meeting if she goes to his hometown next week. He lists off the family. Becca follows the question up with asking if the last woman he brought home was his ex-wife. It was. They talk about him changing who he was in order to be with his wife who was hot-headed.

He goes on to drop a variation of the L word, and that wins Becca over. Garrett gets the date rose. Then, they go makeout in the ocean.

We have to pause here while we wait for President Trump to announce his Supreme Court nominee. This is where I catch up to live TV. 

I've never particularly liked Blake, but the whinier he gets, the less I like him. He meets up with Becca on the beach. She's excited to be on her second one-on-one with him. It's a party on the beach with the Baha Men. They sing their new release, probably the only release anyone has heard since, "Who Let the Dogs Out."

He then bemoans about how much it effected him to not get the earlier one-on-ones. She tells him that she could see that on his face when he picked up Colton. Becca tells him that now, she sees how hard it probably was for Ari (GASP!) because she cares for more than one person.

The final date card reads, "Wills, Jason, Leo - These days are never easy." The guys are just hoping Blake doesn't get the rose.

So back to Blake's date. Becca is glad to know how hard it was for Blake. Shows her how much he cares. Becca asks about his family. He tells the sordid details of mom's affair and parents' divorce. The family swept things under the rug, but the town came to him with information. He wants openness in the family. I hate the way he phrases things and talks.

"Falling in love is fun, but I think staying in love would be more fun. Becca, I am in love with you." Gag. She's giddy because he's the first guy to not just be "falling," but "in" love with her.

She can see forever with him, so he gets the rose. So disappointing.

The next day the pressure is on as Becca will be breaking it off with two men on this date. I guess I'm going to have to cheer for Jason. Wills is the first no for me. Leo needs to go too. 

There are things she likes about each one, she's going to have to narrow it down quick. 

Wills tells her about it being the toughest week for him. He's begging for assurance. His parents will celebrate their 50th anniversary next year, and he wants them to meet.

Jason lays it on thick and they have their moment.

Leo has his chance. He thinks he can offer her love where the other guys can offer her a nice house. Evidently, they have to live in a trailer on love. It's an odd comment to make. He has had serious relationships, but hasn't dated all that much he says. Leo says he does need the hometown because he's not as far in their relationship. He's not ready to get on a knee yet. That seems like the cue for her to send him home now. She cuts him lose saying she doesn't want to meet his family if they aren't 100% since she knows it's a big deal for him.

Later that night, both men think they have something going on with Becca. She does have feelings for both. She talks to Jason first. She wants to know if there are any reservations on his end about taking her home. She does feel there's a risk with him.

When it's Wills' time to talk to Becca, he mumbles on. I really wasn't paying attention there. I lost interest.

It comes time for Becca to give out the rose. She gives it to Jason.

She walks Wills out, assuring him it was the hardest decision. She just wasn't feeling it like he was. She couldn't bring his family into it knowing that. He takes it hard as he leaves in the limo.

There's lots of family members to meet next week. The drama will be back for sure.