My house looks like a disaster area... again

I passed up the opportunity to do an outside event this weekend here in town. I don't choose to be in 100 degree heat, shade or not.

I did go down to where it was being held to buy a few more paper flowers for my walls. Hopefully, I'll get them up soon. I have good intentions. I've been talking about moving stuff from my Christmas closet upstairs for weeks, maybe months. Mom and Dad did help me get stuff moved upstairs today.

Dad also brought the rest of the boxes that have been in the trailer over so I can sort out my hoard of cut books because we have had two sets worth in there. Once we get all the Christmas stuff in, there won't be room to take all of them. Anyway, they all need to be sorted through and extra stock put in the closet I cleared out. But until I get it sorted, I have piles upon piles of books and boxes piled everywhere. I only had a clear walkway for two weeks. Dad made the comment that anyone who came to my house would think I was a hoarder. At least most of the time you can walk through.

Let's see how long it takes me to straighten up again. That's going to require not working in the office at all hours. I'll keep you posted.