Now, I need the internet to stop showing me pictures of glasses

Do you remember when I kept ordering boxes of trial glasses to try on and how everyone liked the pair of glasses I already had? Ever since then, I've been getting ads for glass frames. This seriously popped up in my Facebook feed. 

Not real eager to shop at that place. I don't know if it was an attention getting gimmick or what, but that is a definite no.

I had to go order contacts today because I am to the end of my trials. I decided to try on glasses. Again. Instead of ordering online and getting cheap ones, I bit the bullet and ordered expensive ones. I know I'll get my money's worth because I'll wear them for years. 

I narrowed it down to three, took pictures of myself to do a quick Facebook poll and tried to text Mom. Mom wasn't getting her attachments, so came down to help me choose.

I'm talking in this third picture because one of the women who worked there told me that the color looked good on me. The same color as the last two pair I've had. You can't tell so much here, but they are purple. I need something different. Yet, when Mom got there, what was she leaning towards? The purple ones.

I settled on the top pair. Now, the challenge is how to hide all the ads for eye wear online now.