The Bachelorette hometowns

I needed to go to the bank before they closed and made it about 30 seconds before they turned off the "Open" lights on the drive-thru lanes. I went to Whataburger and downed dinner so that I can start blogging tonight about The Bachelorette on time.

I'm so behind on blogging that I have to catch up tonight after I finish this show. Like serious backposting from the past week and a half.

We start off this week's episode with Garrett in his hometown of Manteca, CA.

Before meeting the family, Garrett takes her out to the farm to plant tomatoes. She is so not appropriately dressed. She's wearing some kind of romper shorts and bootie heels to get on the tractor. Then, they plant a tree to commemorate the occasion. Of course, there is a picnic, too.

The last girl Garrett brought home, two years ago, it was the woman he married and promptly divorced. Garrett talks about how controlling the ex-wife got and how their family values did not align. He thinks he aligns with Becca though.

The family is sitting around waiting for them, and they talk about not holding back about voicing concerns this time around (like they did last time). The parents are there, a brother, a sister and in-laws. You can tell what Garrett will look like when he gets older. He looks like his dad.

The first person to take Garrett off his is his big sister. She's happy that he's happy, but doesn't want him to get hurt again. Dad says the same to Becca. They are all going to be very protective of him. Mama Bear ain't jokin' around when it is her turn. Becca handles it well. She shares why Garrett got the first impression rose. I forgot his schtick at the meeting. He drove up in the minivan and carried a diaper bag.

Mom and Garrett talk next. She seems more upbeat with him.

Becca sees herself fitting in with his family. Garrett can see it too. Becca thinks it is all falling into place.

Next up is Jason's hometown of Buffalo, NY where they attend a wing eating contest. 

From there they go to an ice rink. A big part of Jason's life was hockey. He starts making hockey mom jokes after getting her back in the routine of skating since it had been a while. Jason then shows off his hockey skills. Before meeting the family, they kiss on top of the Zamboni as it makes a loop around the ice.

The family is made up of his parents, his brother and his brother-in-law. It's a small gathering and mom seems quite entertained. It may be a nervous laugh. Dad takes Jason off to talk. He sees how happy Jason is. Jason tells his dad that while his heart is usually guarded, he's falling so hard for her. Mom asks Becca if she is ready for engagement. Becca says she is ready to get married and start a family. Becca vagues her way through saying there's still a long way left before making her final decision. I don't think that Becca is going to commit to Jason.

Mom asks Jason if he thinks Becca might be more committed to someone else. It wasn't hard to pick up on it in their conversation. Jason says at one point they were behind, but he thinks he has caught up now.

Jason's brother and his husband talk to Jason and quiz him. Jason oozes about how much he likes her. The couple asks why Jason hasn't told Becca all of this yet. So, when they walk outside, Jason starts spilling his beans and gushing over her. He tells her that he confidently say he's in love with her. He now feels a sense of peace. This guy is going to get crushed like a bug.

Onto Blake in Bailey, CO where it is snowing. Becca appears genuinely happy to see him. 

Becca is pretty giddy. He was her first one-on-one and they've had a strong relationship from the get go. That's according to Becca. He has moved from saying "falling in love" to "in love." She tells the the cameras the feelings are reciprocated, but has not told him.

Blake takes her on a tour of his high school and shows her a photo from when he played football. She says that she would have had a crush on him. Blake introduces her to some coaches, then they head to the library. There's something Blake needs to tell her. He tells Becca about the school shooting that happened at this high school his senior issue. (Ironically, I had just heard about this incident on an old, old episode of Dr. Phil this morning where people were arguing home school vs. public school. Random something I was watching.) He talks about his mom coming over the intercom that morning. Without a doubt, the event shaped him.

Then, Blake has a surprise for Becca. The school auditorium is full for a concert with Betty Who, Becca's favorite singer. I don't know who Betty is. I seriously had to Google her. Of course, I don't usually know many of the singers on this show, but anyway...

Becca wants to peel back the layers and get to know Blake deeper. They head in to meet the parents, and I can't tell who all is there. Lots of people look the same age. Parents and step-parents?

Mom takes Blake off first. He looks so happy. He was so cynical though after his last relationship... The next time they talk, he could be engaged.

I dislike him more each time I see him. Because he's not someone I would be interested in, not because I think he's a bad guy. Dad asks him what would happen if she doesn't pick him. He thinks this may hurt more than the last time.

Mom quizzes Becca on her feelings for Blake. Becca says there has never been a step back. She is ready to be engaged to the right person. Mom is scared of him getting heart-broken after the terrible last break-up. I don't recall his last break-up story because I tend to tune Blake out.

After talking to Blake's family and getting to know him better, she can see herself with him. Her feelings are getting deeper.

Last stop, Parker, CO to see Colton. 

At first they started off slow because Colton had dated Tia from last season with Becca. However, their relationship picked up. However, the fact that he's only had one serious relationship gives her pause.

Their day starts off at the children's hospital where they play with some of the kids. His foundation helps kids with cystic fibrosis. He really is great with the kids.

They talk a little about meeting the family before they go to visit. He's never taken anyone home for a formal meet the family. Becca's nervous about it too because past relationships taught her what she wants for the future.

When they arrive, there is a house full of people. There's parents, brothers, a sister, aunts, uncles and cousins. The WHOLE family.

Dad takes Colton off to talk. They discuss how they had to have the Tia conversation right off the back. Dad is pretty skeptical.

Dad talks to Becca next. Dad asks her how she felt about the situation with Tia. Becca is like, it was only one time and it wasn't serious. Dad asks Becca about Arie. She seems to answer to his satisfaction. Dad tells her she wants to see Becca break it off sooner rather than later if Colton is not the one she wants to pick.

Mom asks Colton how open and honest he has been with her. Colton says that he has been very honest. Mom asks if he would be ready to propose. Colton said he wanted to see how today went, but he is in love with her.

Mom asks Becca about concerns. Becca is glad that Mom brought it up and awkwardly walks in talking about his inexperience with relationships. Becca asks Mom if she thinks Colton would be ready for marriage at the end. Mom says, "Before tonight I would have been skeptical, but based on what he just said..."

Overall, Becca thinks his family is awesome. They sit down on the front steps to talk a little bit. After seeing her with his family, Colton knows he is in love with Becca. This makes her feel special. Her words.

Becca heads back to Los Angeles to talk to some of her girlfriends from last season to get some clarity. Tia, Bekah, Sienne, and a couple of others are there. She recaps for all of them. 

We find out that Jason is the best kisser of the group. That may keep him around one more week. When she gets to talking about Colton and brings up that she had talked to his family about Tia, Tia pulls Becca out to talk. Tia reveals she still has feelings for Colton and it makes her sick to learn that he's still around and Becca got to meet his family. Becca says she wishes she knew sooner. Becca asks for some time alone before she goes back in. She thought this part was behind them. Becca doesn't want to lose a friend over a guy, but Colton just professed his love for her. She tells Tia she will meet back up with them, but we don't see it.

Becca decides she just has to put aside the thing with Tia. After she gets ready for the ceremony, Becca says she can't blindside any of them. The men arrive one by one.

When Colton arrives, he wants to talk to Chris Harrison. He wants to know what the expectations are for the fantasy suites next week. Basically, Colton wants to know if he's expected to sleep with her if he stays around. Chris Harrison tells him, what happens is between he and Becca and what they agree to. Colton's good with that answer and walks on in.

Becca arrives to blindside one of them. She gives a little speech that I didn't pay close attention to. Then, she starts to hand out roses.

  1. Blake
  2. Jason
  3. Garrett
There is what is played as a long pause between roses two and three. Colton tells the other men goodbye before Becca walks him out. She sits him down and tells him that she feels like a horrible person. He tells her that after spending time with the kids and his family, that's when he knew how special she was. Becca shares what his dad said about cutting him loose. 

Colton just doesn't get it. 

Becca finally comes back in to tell the guys they are headed to Thailand. 

Now, I'm not so sure which two are going to be the last. I thought it was Jason going home, but now he may pass Garrett, the one I would pick.