Why is "The Men Tell" all always such Bachelorette let down?

Here we are at the almost end of the season. Tonight it's the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette. Tonight after what is sure to be an epic waste of two hours that could have been covered in 15 minutes, I have to work on back posting on my blog. I'm a week behind because I haven't posted/scheduled since last Monday night when I posted Tuesday nights blog. Such is life as of late!

Oh, and of course, I'm trying to eat dinner as the show starts. I didn't get down as early as I planned. That's nothing new either. There will be a lot of commercials though, so there's that.

Just the teasers at the top of the show make me want to skip. I can't handle Jordan.

Yes, I am cranky today. I'm just in a cranky mood. Now, we have previews of Bachelor in Paradise with Jordan and Krystal. I will probably try to watch, but I am 95% sure I am not going to spend the next several Mondays and Tuesdays trying to blog about it. In fact, I hope to be able to get my act together and get into the craft room after work, so maybe I can watch while crafting. I think that's a better use of my time.

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about the commercials for the preventative HIV drug on TV. All drug commercials drive me nuts, but I am beyond that about that commercial. As one of my blog reading friends commented on that post, they better pass that out in paradise. That's why I don't want to blog about it.

Alright, now onto the men telling all. There are seriously three guys I don't remember. I don't know why they are there.

Cue the reel of the men ya-ya-ing at each other. Colton, Chris, Jordan, David...

Chris Harrison asks Chris why it all went so emotional for him. Chris admits he went off the rails after Leo sums it up as he lost it and screwed up his (Leo's) one-on-one date because Becca was in such a mind space.

Harrison then asks Jean Blanc about saying he loved Becca then taking it back. Colton starts saying something before JB can answer. I can't tell you what he said though because it was all bleeped out. JB bleeps something back to him. JB calls Colton a child. Connor wants to make sure he is seen and heard and interrupts everyone.

Harrison moves on to Jordan and how he stirred things up. Colton and Jordan go after each other. David and Jordan go after each other. What is Jordan ever talking about? Something about being a hologram of a man?

The men tell David they think he as there for Jordan because he talked more about Jordan than Becca. Then, they start picking on some guy that went home the first night that I don't remember. Christian (I literally had to look him up on the show site because I didn't know who he was) didn't have his time on the show, so he's going to get into it with Jordan. Jordan does have a point about Christian wearing capri pants. Actually, he called them high waters, but me calling them capri pants is funnier.

Kamil and Jordan exchange modeling barbs. I don't remember him either. Jordan's dropping word bombs where my ears hurt from the beeping.

As if we haven't had enough of Jordan in the group talking, after a commercial break, Harrison brings him to the hot seat and shows a reel of all his golden undie moments. Dude went home because Jordan was having fun and not showing any of his serious side. In talking to everyone, it's always about analogies and metaphors and cussing. Egotistical to the nth degree.

It seems the biggest problem the guys had with him is that they were trying to be serious about getting time with Becca and he took everything as a joke. He's even wearing his golden underwear under his suit.

Moving on... finally! Grocery Joe who went home on the first night is brought to the hot seat. Joe took Twitter by storm because a lot of people liked what very little they saw of him. 

Joe is a man of few words. He doesn't have much to say about his experience, as if there's much to say about it. He's going to be on BIP though.

Wells joins Harrison next. They talk about his clothes. I never got why he stayed on as long as he did. Wells gets all emotional watching it back.

Next is Colton's turn. There's the talk of him having dated Tia. The "relationship" was spending time together before Tia was even on her season with Ari. There's a talk about how backlash has been that his lack of experience "in the fantasy suite" made him less of a man and kept him out of the fantasy suite when the time came. He gets pretty emotional because he's actually done some things the right way, and he had to keep it a secret because he was an athlete and that's just the opposite of expectations. Jordan actually apologizes for being an idiot earlier in the show. At least he says something nice.

Finally, the highlights of Jason. There was something there that seemed more authentic, so I give him permission to have some tears watching it back. There were a lot of shared moments. Harrison then turns it lighter and comments on how often Becca said he was the best kisser, so they talk about that a little bit.

With 20 minutes left, Becca comes out. 

They start off talking about Jason. He asks what he should do differently next time. Is it vulnerability? He hopes that down the road they can be friends because she is such a great person.

Harrison brings up the Tia situation. They are friends, Becca thinks she's getting unfair responses.

Then, Wills asks what he can do differently next time. Becca said she had a great group of guys. Harrison says everyone is so nice, does anyone have anything bad to say about Becca. Leo has something on his mind, but Jean Blanc takes this as a chance to come down and clear the air. Since he always gives Becca a gift, he gives her a bottle of perfume. All the guys are shaking their heads. They must have had enough of his obsession with smell and cologne.

A few guys make miscellaneous comments. Chris brings the choir from the first night out to sing about how sorry he was.

The blooper reel was the best part.