It's getting serious on #thebachelorette, but Leo is seriously still there?

I’m only starting a little late tonight on the post. I haven’t watched and blogged live all season long. Tonight I spent too long logging off of working and getting something to eat.

I started watching while eating, then had to back up. I was close to being on track until I had to get my computer back on.

Anyway, tonight we are in Richmond, Virginia. Since Virginia is for lovers, what better place for Becca to fall in love (insert sarcasm here).

Becca meets with Chris Harrison to talk about feeling how things are progressing and how she’s starting to feel the feelings of love again. She’s happy and thinking about love and seeing cute babies and wedding magazines.

All the guys are supposedly so wonderful. I still think there are some crazies in the mix.

Leo hopes that just like Virginia birthed a nation, it will birth a relationship with he and Becca.

Colton hopes to keep up the momentum from last week.

As the guys wait for the date card, Chris is still being his pyscho-self. It is a redemption week for him.

The date card arrives, “Jason – Life is full of surprises. – Becca”

Jason is excited. Chris wants a one-on-one this week or a two-on-one this week. Leo asks who he wants to go head-to-head with. He says it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who he is against. It is all about wanting more time.

Chris and Lincoln go on to stupidly argue about the statistical possibilities of getting a second one-on-one and why anyone would want a two-on-one. Then it goes into babbling about body shaming and more bickering. All the others just stare dumbly at them as Chris threatens Lincoln if he were to touch him.

So, Jason’s date. They take a trolley to St. John’s church where Patrick Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech and Edgar Allen Poe’s mother was buried. With each fact, Jason seems amazed. Not really sure why. They then go to a donut shop to decorate and shove donuts down each other’s throats.

Nothing says love like standing in a coffin at the Poe museum. They go to unhappy hour where a bunch of goths gather and appear to drink blood. Jason does some stretching with a contortionist. It’s all bizarre.

Back at the hotel, Leo is recapping Chris’ desire for a two-on-one. Colton muses of how Chris isn’t handling things right.

To the date again… Jason is really growing on her. He always makes her smile. She decides he can really kiss.

The final surprise of the day is that she has had some of his friends come into the pub. He’s giddy excited. He thinks she has been thoughtful given the ups and downs. It’s the producers, dude! They talk about each other in front of the three friends. His friends remind her of her friends.

At the non-dinner-dinner, they talk about how she’d be friends with his friends and how great the friends are and how she said the same about her friends. Following? She wants to get to know him better, of course, and he starts talking about pivotal moments. He tells about going to see his grandma in the nursing home with his dad. His dad had his arms outstretched, but she didn’t remember him. While he tried to play strong, his dad later bawled. This taught him to never take any day for granted. It’s a really sad story, but shows Becca he’s not always a happy person. There’s more to it. Becca shares about losing her dad at age 19.

At the hotel, the men wait for the date card. On cue, it arrives. “Colton, Garrett, Wills, Connor, Blake, Lincoln, Chris – Let’s make history. – Becca”

That only leaves Leo who will get the other one-on-one.

When the time comes to hand out the date rose, there’s no doubt Jason gets the rose. Her feelings for Jason grew exponentially. There’s one more surprise, of course. It’s either a concert or fireworks. Up to the clock tower for a view of the city. Guess I was wrong.

The next day, the men arrive in their suits at the capital for a history lesson. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln give them the tour. Chris is going to act like Lincoln (not Abraham) isn’t there. Abe informs them that the me will debating one another for Becca. This is going to be ugly because Chris is already talking about how much he has to say.

The governor of Virginia asks the first question to Colton. “What is your idea of the perfect date with Becca in the Commonwealth of Virginia?”

Colton starts off that Virginia is for lovers, so he wants to take her to a dog park. She likes the answer. Sounds lame to me.

Harrison asks Blake what he’s learned from past relationships, then string of comments from various men trying to charm Becca.

Abe asks Lincoln about his vision for the future with Becca. Lincoln starts with a barb about not packing his bags to go home like Chris almost did. (I don’t know why he decides to do this at the risk of damaging his own chances.

Harrison asks about transparency and honesty. Chris says he has been nothing but real, however, he can’t say the same about his opponents. When asked for rebuttals, Lincoln chimes in. Then it’s gloves off in a verbal battle. Chris recaps yesterday’s conversations. Chris said he used to be 300 pounds and Lincoln was making fun of that. Blake tries to clarify what actually happened. Chris calls the other men childish while acting that way himself.

Becca is angry and frustrated about the drama shared in front of the whole audience that was there at the capital watching. Colton and Connor point out how Becca’s demeanor changed as all of this went down.

That night, she’s still annoyed. She called the day “interesting.” She wants to get beyond that though. Lincoln takes Becca off first. Instead of making it about them, Lincoln (in his Basher from Oceans 11 accent that goes in and out) tells Becca how he fears a physical confrontation from Chris. Speaking of the devil, he comes in to interrupt the two. Chris asks how it is going, and she tells him what Lincoln was just saying about feeling threatened. Supposedly, other guys are afraid of them too. She gets just as aggressive in tone as Chris has. She doesn’t really believe either one of them with their completely different stories. Chris says his feelings are hurt.

Garrett should win an award for coming in and bringing that conversation to an end. Becca asks for five minutes to herself. She’s going to come grab him in a few minutes.

Down with the rest of the guys, Chris asks Connor if he’s scared of him. He shares what Becca told him. Connor wants to know how he got dragged into this. I want to know why Chris wears knee-less jeans like a teenager.

Garett tells them they need to grow-up and shut-up because it’s affecting Becca, and can’t even get time with her.

Send them home two-by two in annoying pairs. The show would be more interesting if you learned more about the guys and had less drama. #justmyopinion

While all the bickering is going on, Leo’s date card arrives. “Leo - The world is our oyster. – Becca” He admits, he’s not the same kind of guy as the others around.

Back to the bickering. Chris and Garrett are at it now. Garrett is mad because he can’t talk to Becca because she is upset after talking to Chris. The guys are worried she’s going to call the whole night off. Colton tells Lincoln and Chris they need to fly home.

Becca finally comes and gets Garrett. She’s always annoyed at the cocktail parties and it’s getting to her. Garrett wants to share the closing statement he had for the debate that he didn’t get to share.

Wills mumbles. That’s all I have to say about that. Actually, I will say I don’t get why he is still around. He doesn’t stand out with personality, and I don’t find him attractive.

Finally, it’s time to give away the rose for the date. Garrett and Wills both think they are going to get it. You can tell by the look in their eyes. You can also see the disappointment when it goes to Colton.

The next morning, Becca uses the word “interesting” again to describe the previous night. That’s her code for stupid and annoying without being negative. She’s kind of mellow when Leo arrives for their date. She doesn’t play much attention to Leo as they fly over Chesapeake Bay and the other sites in their private plane.

It’s a cold day and they talk over hot chocolate. She says she is emotionally drained from yesterday and last night. He becomes like her BFF sounding board about all that went on. Maye it’s the long hair that makes her talk to him like a girl. A bearded girl with really thick eyebrows.

The most outlandish looking guy of them all, he may be the most mature.

They head off for oyster shucking. They are going to have hypothermia from the cold water.

Over dinner, Leo talks about his parents, and his father being larger than life. Leo always thought he failed his father by not becoming a professional baseball player. Leo does, however, think part of being a partner is being the one to help others feel better. He’s always struggled with not being enough. Becca tells him he shouldn’t think that way. He surprises her. She wants a man who learns from adversity like Leo does.

Back at the hotel, Connor now admits that Chris is making him uneasy. He and Jason chat about it. Jason doesn’t know who Chris is anymore. Chris is getting ready for something.

We return to the date. Leo gets the rose. The night isn’t over though. They get a concert from Morgan Evans. They dance up at the front with a crowd watching. Another one of those awkward moments to a song about kissing.

At the hotel, Chris is telling himself that if Leo comes back that he (Chris) won’t be around much longer. When Leo walks in the door, Chris stands up and leaves the room. He goes searching for Becca.

As Chris walks to Becca’s hotel, we also get clips of him in an interview talking about Lincoln. Chris says he is a monster and eats 12 eggs a day so his cholesterol must be high. I don’t know why Chris cares. Chris wants Becca to know his passion. He feels motivated, rejuvenated and ready to fight. I don’t think Becca is very happy to see him as he invites himself in. She giggles, but I’m not convinced.

Chris wants to talk about something other than the distractions. He wants her to know how serious he is. He believes in the two of them and can see marrying her. She wants to know what the big change is because last week he was unsure.

Becca tells Chris that she wanted to leave Vegas behind, but it keeps creeping into all of her dates. She’s not happy about him being there. She has lots of questions and red flags. She doesn’t think they can get “there” at this point. “What are you trying to say?” he asks. Hearing things about him has scared her. He wants to know if he can’t express how he feels. Chris says he’s been attacked. Becca points out he’s been doing some attacking too. Becca tries for the third time to send him home. Finally, she spits out that she doesn’t think they are going to work out. She says she will walk him out. He says he doesn’t need it. She argues that she’s going to show him that respect.

Going into the final cocktail party, there are eight men left. 

Three have roses and two of the other five are going home. Connor muses about not having a one-on-one date and feeling a disadvantage. He won’t have a chance to talk to her again before roses though. Harrison comes in to announce Becca knows what she wants to do and doesn’t need a party.

Jason, Colton and Leo aren’t sweating it. Everyone else should be.

The roses go to Garrett, Blake and Wills.

Lincoln and his original sparring partner Connor head home. I would have picked Connor to stay over Wills, personally.

Next week, they will head to the Bahamas.