Colton finally makes his leap on The Bachelor

Go figure, tonight I am starting my blog an hour behind, and I don't need to be running late tonight. I haven't slept more than a couple of hours at a time (and then not well) since Thursday night since I have been sick. I was trying to get some work finished and sneak in and out of the grocery store quick and eat a bite. I had to get some Melatonin to try to get some sleep since I made the stupid mistake of taking Sudafed which has given me insomnia. And I knew better. I've been a bit psycho today.

Earlier in the day, I was convinced I would fall asleep in middle of blogging. Now I am not so sure because I tried to sleep this afternoon. I laid on the couch with my eyes shut for an hour, but nothing.

So, anyway, The Bachelor. 

Instead of starting with Colton in the shower, we start with a really awkward conversation between Colton and Chris Harrison about the fantasy suites coming up in the next week. Colton goes back in to tell the three remaining women who just got roses that they will be headed to Portugal. Colton has never been to Europe, so he's excited.

Once they arrive, we see each of the women walking around being reflective talking about their connections over the season.

I'm 8 minutes (or less) in and am so over fantasy suite and such references. As over as over it as I am blowing my nose, and I have done a lot of nose blowing.

First date is Tayshia.

Tayshia and Colton go off on helicopter ride. As they sit around having their windy picnic on a cliff he talks about wanting to use the time this week to talk and learn more about each other. There's some other references that I'm just over and don't care about. They climb to the top of the lighthouse and make out.

All I really care about at this point is watching Colton jump the wall and being able to breathe through my nose.

Over dinner Tayshia's wardrobe tape isn't working which leads to another awkward moment. Or two. Or more. It's rather ridiculous. Colton is getting a show.

They talk about her past experience with her ex-husband, how he cheated and how if they were to get together, Colton would promise not to do that. He hands her the fantasy suite card supposedly written by Chris Harrison that looks more like his teenage daughter with very good penmanship wrote.

They feed each other dessert, make a mess of the champagne, stroll past the bubble bath and into the bedroom.

The next morning, Tayshia described their night as interesting. She goes on to say it didn't get physical, but they did get to know each other more. She did tell Colton that she loves him.

Colton says he's not in love yet. He's still falling in love.

Second date is Cassie.

Colton wants to be in love with Cassie, but it's taken them longer. He didn't really see her until Singapore. He knows they need more time together. As they kiss whipped cream off of each others noses, I'm wondering why I could breathe through my nose earlier but cannot now.

Yep, I'm distracted and actually doing a little work at the same time too.

They go shopping and are as immature as you would expect a 23 year-old to be. They dance on the streets, make out in public. They finally take it down an alley to get some privacy. 

Then they dance with some locals to an accordion. Something about Cassie makes him feel complete. 

Have I mentioned tonight I really don't like her? 

Colton knows point blank that he loves her. 

As they picnic on a rooftop, Colton tells Cassie that he can see fitting in with her family. Cassie asked the conversation with her dad went. Colton says it was the hardest of the conversations. She had a tough convo with him too. He then reveals that he did not get her dad's approval for a proposal if it comes to that. She seems puzzled. He assures her it was just that her dad didn't want them to rush into anything. The conversation stalls because she is confused. Cassie asks Colton if he's ok with the fact he didn't get permission. 

Cassie is thrown off kilter now. She thought left hometowns all good with everyone. 

Despite the awkwardness, this has been a great day for Colton. He hopes to move past all that tonight. Don't think that happens because Cassie's dad arrives in Portugal. Funny how that happens. Cassie is shocked to see him. 

Dad holds engagement very seriously, and he's not convinced that Cassie is in love with Colton. Cassie shares that Colton had disclosed that he didn't have permission. Dad explains it wasn't appropriate after a 30 minute conversation. Colton didn't exactly throw red flags but seemed conflicted. She thinks she loves him. Dad asks if there is a but. She wants more time with him. She's not ready for it to be over, but not necessarily ready to get engaged. 

Dad just didn't get the vibe that Cassie felt like Colton was THE ONE. He tells her that one day she will find someone and know it, but has to think the long term. He thinks if Colton were the one, Cassie would know it. She wants what her parents have, and she doesn't feel it right now.

Ok. I could go two ways here. If they were to get engaged at the end, it could develop into that. However, this is reality TV, chances are....

Colton is caught up with Cassie. He's a smitten kitten. His mind is about to be blown. 

She's quite nervous. Before she can say anything, Colton brings up talking to her dad again. He wants to make sure she understands that what her dad said doesn't change how he feels about it. Cassie thought it would bother Colton more. Colton doesn't show much expression when Cassie reveals that her dad showed up at the hotel today. At least there's a delayed reaction. 
Cassie's dad never had any doubts about her mom and vice versa. Right now, she has doubts. She would hate to see him leave without him getting what he was looking for here. Cassie says she loves him so much, but not in love. "Do you know what I mean?" She feels like she's having doubts. 

Colton asks if Cassie was planning on leaving tonight. Yes she was planning on leaving, but she doesn't know... She gets up and walks out. She's second guessing herself. 

Colton goes out to find her. Cassie says she wanted to be excited about tonight, not confused. He tells her that he is fine with being patient. She doesn't know what she's going to do now. Colton tells Cassie he doesn't want to lose her. He wants them to sit back down. 

She doesn't think she has been so conflicted in her life. At 23, I'm not sure that's saying much. 

Colton tells her that after Thailand, she is the person he is most excited to be with. He says if they aren't ready for an engagement at the end, they aren't ready. Colton says that verbally he didn't know where she stood, but her actions led him to believe she was in it. He says to quite putting a two-week timeline on the rest of her life. He gives away his hand saying he wants it to be her at the end. She asks how he can say that with two other girls left. He says he loves her and wants to be be her. He's shaking. She tells him to stop shaking. 

I got cold, and I'm shaking. 

She just doesn't know if she can get to the same place. Colton's willing to give her the time and space she needs. He's going to keep fighting for her, but Cassie feels like staying is the wrong decision for her. 

They each but on their coat and Colton walks Cassie out. Colton wants to be with Cassie. Cassie wants Colton to be with someone who is insanely in love with him. She walks off toward the car. He walks in the other direction. He goes upstairs and shuts himself in his room. 

Colton comes out of the room declaring he's done with all this. Walks back down. Pushes a camera away, walks out in the darkness. You hear the producers and directors saying to "Roll Tape" and "Get Chris." Chris tries to catch up with Colton, but he jumps the fence. The team opens the gate and Chris tries to find Colton. He calls after him, but it is darker than dark. 

That's where it ends. 

Tomorrow is the "Women Tell All." Next week the hunt for Colton continues.