The sneeze that almost killed me

I'm on the couch again...

I know I have been whining and complaining a lot about my sinus infection and bronchitis all month, but one little sneeze almost did me in yesterday.

My ribs have been hurting from pulling a muscle coughing, especially suddenly in bed and shooting up to be able to breathe. Who knows, maybe I even cracked a rib. However, they had been better.

Until this morning.

I usually sneeze pretty hard and three or four times in a row. Not this morning. A single small sneeze almost killed me.

It felt like I had been stabbed in the kidneys (or gall bladder or whatever other internal organ is on your left side) with a knife or a broken off rib or something. I was sitting at the time, so I had to stand up and try to catch my breath. OH THE PAIN! The initial sharp pain subsided, but I was practically in tears at a restaurant because it hurts to move.

Because it's too painful to lay down, I'm back to sitting up, sleeping on the couch. Tonight will be night 6 for the month. It's a good thing my purple couch is comfortable because I would be in trouble if it weren't.