Just when you didn't think The Bachelor could drag on any more

So what happened after Colton jumped the fence, tonight we will supposedly find out.

I was talking on the phone, so got to fast forward through the season recap at the top of the show.

After the jump, the crew takes off looking Colton, but can't seem to find him. They take out cars, they look through the brush along the side of the road. They call out for him, but no answer. Finally, one of the cars driving into town finds him walking down the road. It's him, but he will not reply to his name being yelled. He will not talk to the producer who is walking along side him.

Chris Harrison finally gets to him and tries to have a conversation. Colton says he is done. He is done done. Colton finally agrees to get in a car instead of walking to the airport.

So how does Hannah find out she doesn't have a date, a fantasy suite date at that? How does Tayshia find out Colton is done?

The morning after the attempted escape, Chris sits down with Colton to talk. Colton thinks anytime something good happens to him that it is followed by something bad.

Colton could tell something was off when Cassie arrived after talking to her dad. He realized in middle of it last night that it was Cassie he fell in love with, and it's time to eliminate the other two women to clear the confusion Cassie has. Right now, he feels like Cassie completes him.

Chris says, "Are you sure breaking it off with the others will do it? What if she's just not into you?"

Colton thinks he has a good gut instinct though. He's going to fight for the woman he loves.

First up, Colton goes to talk to Tayshia. He's definitely shaken, and Tayshia tries to hug him to help help. Colton tells her that he owes her the respect to be honest and tell her that his heart can't love two people and his heart is with someone else. Tayshia doesn't look overly surprised or upset when he tells her that he loves Cassie.

Tayshia asks to talk to him without the cameras, but they still have microphones. Tayshia is upset and cries in Colton's arms before he leaves her. She packs up to leave.

During the live segment, Tayshia takes the hot seat to talk. She was shocked when Colton arrived that day. 

Colton comes out to talk, and Tayshia asked what was missing. After mumbling on, it just comes down to another relationship was there more. There's a lot of jibber jabber that seems pretty empty. I'm distracted, as usual. Someday, I'm not going to be blowing my nose like crazy. 

Back to Portugal, it's nighttime before Colton arrives to talk to Hannah. He tells her that she has always been one of those people that could pick him up. However, he can't be in love with two people. He loves Cassie.

Hannah didn't expect him to say that. Colton says that he thought it was going to be her. Hannah reminds him of home. She asks him what didn't work, but he doesn't have an answer.

Hannah feels a bit like Colton. She makes everyone feel better, but no one wants to stick around. She didn't think it was possible to have a better connection than what they had.

On set, Hannah is crying just like she was in Portugal. 

Colton is now suddenly conflicted that maybe he is making the wrong decision. Hannah is pouting, quite honestly, about being about to go home without telling him she loved him like she was about to. She didn't get her fantasy suite date *foot stomp*.

I can't handle all the snot and tears. Colton loves Cassie so much he's willing to walk away from someone "as great" as Hannah (his words, not mine.)

Hannah and Chris Harrison sit down to talk. She thought it was going to be her. She says the hardest thing has been going through watching this and people walking up asking to see her engagement ring when she doesn't have one. Watching back just makes her more confused. 

There's a lot of painful second guessing going on. Hannah wants to know if they had a date, and their date first, that week in Portugal if things had been different. Chris Harrison asks if Colton ever thought about having that one last overnight date. Colton says he did not. 

Hannah tells Colton that what Cassie did to him is what he did to her (Hannah). 

So, now Harrison is going on about how for the first time in Bachelor history there are no women left on the show. Yet, we have a few minutes left tonight and two hours tomorrow.

That means, we have to bring Bachelors of the past out. Ben, Garrett, Jason and Blake have to all give their input on where they think Colton goes from here.

Preview of tomorrow night:

Cassie packs up in Portugal and says she cannot commit to Colton. She wants to take herself out of the equation and let someone else have him.

Colton, however, is going after Cassie.