Too stubborn for my own good

So, the update on being snotty and all round sick...

Over the weekend, I took Sudafed even though I knew better. It always makes me mentally off and keeps me awake. Sure enough. For something like 4 days after taking it (even the nighttime), I was awake. A couple of nights I laid in bed with my eyes closed for 8 hours, but didn't sleep. Melatonin at a friend's suggestion didn't help at all.

On Thursday, I finally gave in and went to the urgent care clinic where I was told by the PA that she doesn't usually see people as sick as me.

Yeah, I'd had a sinus infection, but had full blown bronchitis too. That got me and antibiotic and steroid shot and a Z-pack to take home.

The lack of sleep isn't helping. I've also gone through about 6 boxes of Kleenex. How can one person make so much snot?

However, since I missed softball all last weekend, I ventured out today on a windy day to watch. The sun was out and would have ended up with a sunburn on my neck anyway, but the antibiotics just made that worse. So, on top of everything else, I have a sunburn.

I get that I should have stayed home, but I was tired of being stuck at home. I had to take a nap after getting home before going up to finish some work.

Oh yeah, stubborn me. I took the day I went to urgent care off, but that's it. I figure if I'm sitting around, I might as well be working.

I need a new way of thinking.