Yep, it was a bad sign

Yep. The craving for tomato soup was a sign. I'm sick.

Instead of making the trip to Franklin for a cold and rainy softball tournament, I did good to get off the couch. It was rough night of sleeping because of an inability to breathe through my nose.

Hoping and praying it's not the flu because I don't want to hear Dad give me grief about not getting a flu shot, I think it's a sinus infection.

A few times recently in the mornings I'd be sniffing on the phone while talking to Dad. He kept asking if I was sick. I just wake up like that some mornings. However, he may have jinxed me.

I hope it doesn't stick around long. I'm going to have to skip my turn in rotation to teach tomorrow and miss a puppet practice.

Not only did I miss softball, I didn't even get to work on any new projects and I was really want to do that too.

Boo! Hiss!