There's never a need for a two-hour Women Tell All.

I blogging tonight on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All because that's what I do, but my level of care tonight is super low.

All I want in the world is to be able to sleep. I laid in my bed for eight hours last night with my eyes closed, but I can't say that much if any sleeping happened. The insomnia continues. I'll probably bring up blowing my nose again a few times tonight.

Before leaping into the show and the cattiness, we get a recap of the worst break-ups. I should have let it play on while my mom called to check-in. I told her she had her mother's timing of calling at the worst times.

Back to playing the video, people are snot crying which just makes me need to blow my nose. I've seen enough snot.

The clips end with the fence jump. Chris Harrison asks the women what they thought about it. While Heather is talking, whatever girl is behind her is all unflattering cleavage. I really didn't want to see that. I don't know who it was because all you could see was chest due to bad zooms.

Speaking of bad zooms, returning from a commercial break, we see another Colton in the shower shot.

Chris Harrison asks all the women what they thought of Colton when they arrived. I still don't recognize the ugly cleavage woman when they show her face. I think it was Caitlin, but it may have been Nina.

Demi makes a tacky and crude comment I'm not acknowledging more than that.

Next reel all the women talking smack about each other. It ends with Demi applauding her own childish behavior.

Courtney jumps right in middle of Demi about her trash talk. Chris Harrison tells them to take a breath because they would go through all of this. They jump into Catherine taking three turns.

They move on to Onyeka and Nicole. Nicole says she was bullied. Tracy says that even though Onyeka has a polarizing personality, she was not a bully. Onyeka stands up, gives the definition of being a bully and asks when she displayed that kind of behavior. As soon as Nicole's mouth opens, before a sound can come out, Onyeka cuts her off. In my opinion, point proven.

Sydney says Onyeka was just there to make noise. Then, they start after each other.

Onyeka deserves as much attention as Demi. I hate how everyone is ganging up on Nicole and siding with Onyeka who is a witch.

After a commercial, Chris asks Katie what had brought her to the point of saying that some people weren't ready for marriage. Caelynn says it brought every relationship into question. When Katie is asked, she says she was mainly talking about Caelynn and Cassie. Caelynn explains the conversation about being "the next Bachelorette" was that she and Cassie were talking as friends and that if one of them ended up engaged at the end, they hoped the other got to be The Bachelorette and find love too.

Some of the women giving input were seriously sent home on the first night. Who is Jane?

Kirpa defends her part in throwing people under the bus. Hannah B. (Miss AL) says she is trying to keep out of the conversation (right), but disagrees with Caelynn's side of the story. Hannah doesn't want to get into their drama. They are just oil and water, but are in a good place now.

Attention turns to Demi. I think I'll distract myself by blowing my nose while they talk about the Cougar Club. Demi and Courtney get into it again. Demi admits maybe calling Courtney a cancer wasn't kind. Instead she was a bed bug. Courtney gets up in Demi's face, says Demi has the maturity of a three-year-old, then jams a pacifier in her mouth. That wasn't mature either.

Chris puts Demi in the hot seat. Great. More attention on Demi. Courtney is about in tears. Cue Demi's crude highlight reel. She has a tear in her eye when she sees Colton sending her home. Chris asks her if it bothered her that her maturity was brought up a lot. She says no because she is confident in herself which she thinks is actually more mature. They get into her being open about sharing her mom was in prison. She says she never told the girls because it was shameful for her. She seemed to brag about it early on. Demi says her point in sharing is to show that she can love and love unconditionally.

Next in the hot seat is Nicole who Chris points out is the woman to share her emotions most this season. Cue the reel of her crying over everything. I didn't realize how bad it was until the cry reel. Chris grabs a box of Kleenex and gives her one before he asks anything. He asks if that's just her or if the situation was part of it. She says both. As the daughter of a psychiatrist, she always grew up being encouraged to be open about her feelings. As a Cuban/Latina, there's some emotion there too. She starts crying happy tears when she is given a year's supply of Halo Top ice cream.

Hannah B. is next in the hot seat. I have a hard time watching her big mouth pageant smiling self. She comes off as so fake to me. Yeah, you're right. I didn't like anyone this season. She feels a pressure to be perfect, so tries to be what people expect of her. Being vulnerable is hard for her, and she was with Colton. She realized she wanted more than what everyone did back home in Alabama - get married right out of college and start "spitting out babies."

The last woman to get her time before Colton comes out is Caelynn who was heart broken when she was sent home after hometowns. She felt chemistry from the get go. She cries through her highlight reel. As she watches back, she sees that they were falling for each other. They had a great hometown. She just doesn't know what happened. She's shaking thinking about talking to him in a few minutes.

Colton is a bit nervous when he comes out. I was going to give Demi props for saying she realized watching back that Colton wanted to be able to lead someone, and she was doing the leading which means they weren't a match. Then she gets immature introducing Colton to Courtney since they never did meet/talk.

Caelynn gets the chance to ask what happened. He didn't say anything then to give her closure because he didn't have anything to say. Caelynn realizes it just came down to she loved him, but he didn't love her.

Hannah asks why he introduced her to his family realizing it wasn't going to go anywhere.
Sydney makes some crass innuendo, and that ends anything Colton had to say to the women.

After a commercial break, they talk about the jump. Colton thought he was going to land on a production tent, but was glad to find no one on the other side. It was freeing to run off. No real hints about what happens next with all of that.

Cue the blooper reel to end the show with many bug moments.

Onto next week.