Not our typical trip to Canton

Mom didn't get to go to the Ranger game with us on Thursday, but she and I went to Canton (First Monday Trade Days) today with a purpose in mind. 

Usually, we go looking for craft supplies, and we did get a few things while we were there, but we went looking for plants. More specifically hanging baskets.

I bought a couple last year, so we wanted to get more this time. I bought 8. She bought four and potted plant. 

You cannot find a better deal. They were only $6 or $7 each and looked better than anywhere else you can buy. 

After we parked, we went specifically to one location. We loaded up the wagon Mom brought and had to go right back to the car with a load. We moved the car to another location, loaded up and went back to the car. Then we went back up towards where we started and bought something I was looking for to make patterns. Then, back to the car. By the time we got home, we couldn't walk. 

A cold front came through this weekend, so it has been cold and windy. Later in the week, I'll get these outside, but for now, my craft room is also the plant room. 

Some of these will multiply and multiply, so I'll transplant them once I clean out dead plants that froze right at the end of the freezing weather. (I had uncovered them once, all was well, then it got cold so they had to be covered again. They were covered, but still froze.)