All I accomplished was stressing myself out

I always have the grandest of plans of what I will accomplish on any given Saturday, and I always end up disappointing myself.

I was going to catch up on some work stuff, but after running around town a little bit, I came home to go through electronic disclosures for the house buying process and taking an online course in home ownership. One that cost $75 to do at that.

That seemed like an absolute waste of money and of time, but it was required by my lending company. The whole thing was pretty basic, but after a section warning you about being in debt for 30 years and all the things that could go wrong with your house, it asked the question:

How do you feel now about buying a house?

A) I'm really nervous about the whole thing.
B) I'm excited about the house.

Those answers are slightly paraphrased because I don't remember the exact wording. In fact, the word scared may have been there instead of nervous in the first answer. 

And, honestly, I lied and said B when I was thinking A. When I sent an email back to my loan person, he ended up calling me so I wouldn't be freaked out all weekend. He could tell I was.

He also told me that the test was a requirement for the particular loan program I was in and that by doing so, I got a lower interest rate. If I just knew that in the beginning, I wouldn't have been grumbling so much about doing it. 

I'm going to have to take a complete mental break tomorrow though just to recover. I'm really stressing myself out. I'm hoping this phase passes soon and that I move into truly being able to answer B.