The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 3

It's week 3. How many people are going to self-implode tonight? The previews are showing some people getting a little too serious a little too quick.

There's also an emergency room trip to come.

Chris Harrison arrives, gives a speech about it getting real for Hannah already. He drops off the date card.

"Jonathan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Kevin, Jed, Tyler C., Mike, Cam -- Let's push our love to the limit. - Hannah"

The guys are annoyed with Cam crashing the group date last week since he didn't have a date at all. They aren't to excited to have him along.

Mike scoops up Hannah when they meet up. This is the strangest date yet. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen are there to educate the men on childbirth. Why? Who knows.

First up is a lesson on female anatomy, complete with a quiz. This is followed by the men walking around with fake pregnancy bellies. There is also a lesson in diaper changing and holding babies.

The men have to take off their shirts and have their nipples clothes-pinned to simulate breast feeding. That was painful enough for some of the men. Then, they bring out the pain simulator to let the men know what labor pains/contractions feel like.

Several men try it. Tyler C. is trying to be sexy, but turns out looking like an idiot.

John Paul Jones is freaking out before it starts. All the men are quite entertained by how badly he takes it.

At the cocktail party, Jed takes her off first. He asks if Hannah wants to go ahead and take the date rose with her. They talk about big cities, and it comes out that Hannah has never been to Nashville. I kind of think that's odd since she's only one state away, but I'll let it go. I've never been to New Orleans.

After kissing, they chunk chicken nuggets off the roof and make a wish. I'm not sure what that's all about.

Meanwhile, Cam is talking about wanting some one-on-one time since he's had less time than the rest of them. (Actually, probably not since he crashed the last date.)

Based on the activities of the day, Mike tells Hannah part of his story. His girlfriend was pregnant. He was going to propose, but they lost their baby in the second trimester. He feels like he wasn't there like he should have been.

Cam pops his head in to tell them he is waiting outside as soon as they are finished. It's awkward for Mike to finish with Cam hanging right outside the door. Cam asks them to wrap it up in a couple of minutes like he can run the world. He walks off, but comes back, interrupting again by saying he has something important to tell Hannah and hasn't had any time.

Mike complains to the men, and they all get stirred up.

Hannah apologizes (though she shouldn't) saying some conversations need to be had. Cam says he gets serious. He had to resign from his job to come there.

Jonathan decides what goes around comes around, and bullies his way into the conversation regardless of Cam asking for two more minutes. Cam wants to walk her to the door before he leaves. Jonathan physically blocks him.

Cam complains to John Paul Jones. When Jonathan comes back in the room, Cam stares at the side of his head as the room sits in awkward silence. John Paul Jones eats some chicken nuggets. He offers the other guys some.

Back at the mansion, the next date card comes. Connor S. hopes it's him since he didn't get a date last week. He does get it. "Connor - Let's set sail on our love story. - Hannah"

Luke P. thinks Hannah is comparing every guy to him. Confident much?

Tyler C. tells Hannah that after the painful date today, he wanted to call and thank his mom. He calls her nice arm candy which gets him a makeout session. Why? Who knows?

When it comes time to hand out the date rose, she gives it to Mike.

Cam is disappointed. After all, he had to give up a job he worked hard to get in order to be there. I'm pretty sure he's not the only one that had to. You can't brag about not being a quitter, then talk about quitting your job.

Connor is ready for his date, but there's going to be a delay. A card comes from Hannah saying the plans have to be cancelled because she isn't feeling 100%. However, she wants him to come keep her company.

Hannah made a trip to the ER in an ambulance and had to get an IV. Connor stops off to get her flowers and some things at the market. When he arrives, she asks him to cuddle up in bed. She's not contagious, so gives him a kiss. She woke up not feeling well and passed out.

At the house, Luke P. is convinced that Hannah wants him there to take care of her. The other guys do a lot of eye rolling. 

Connor tells of his mom having a stroke while skiing in Utah when he was 13. He learned how strong his parents' relationship was from that event.

After a while, she interrupts the kissing by telling him he needs to leave so that she can sleep -- doctor's orders. No date rose.

Before Connor left though, he left sticky notes all around the place with all the things he loved about her.

I think she's contagious. I think it's mono and they are all going to get it.

The guys are hanging out and Luke asks Connor what Hannah was wearing. Kind of creepy. A limo drives up. The driver is there to pick up Connor. Hannah wants him to be ready in 15 minutes.

When Connor arrives, he gets the date rose because all the notes made him feel special. She leads him to a private concert. He caught the Hannah bug and has Hannah fever.

Hannah has had a tough week. Not only her hospital visit. She found out Tyler G. had to leave. We aren't told right now.

The date card (which we don't see) was for eight men going on a group date. A picture is worth 1000 words. 

They are going to have a photo shoot. They will be paired up with some models.

The models are animals. They are going to draw inspiration from the movie, The Secret Lives of Pets 2.

One of the dogs looks a little stressed out. Then, we hear about Hannah's golden retrievers.

Demi is watching via secret cameras to see what is up with the guys when Hannah isn't around. She has a make-up artist and animal handler working for her.

The make-up artist hits on Grant, but he doesn't go for it. Peter seems to pass the test with the animal handler.

The make-up artist really lays it on thick with Luke P. He claims he's starting something real with Hannah. Unfortunately, he passes the test.

Grant has the snake. Joe has a rat. Someone has a pig. A miniature horse.

Luke isn't liking Hannah kissing other guys. He goes back for more photos without his animal.

Hannah tries to get away from him for the moment. She needs a little space and to slow his roll.

At the cocktail party, Hannah takes Luke P. off. There are some red flags she wants to address such as rubbing their connection in the faces of the others. He tells her that the other guys don't have what it takes to be her future husband. She says she likes that they have had a deep connection. Hannah doesn't want him to think that he has it in the bag. His confidence bothers her. He tries to interrupt. She cuts him off. He needs to respect that she has other relationships. She doesn't like cocky. She tells him that she wants it to change and dismisses him.

Luke P. has an attitude and admits that Hannah says she was irritated with their relationship. He doesn't feel like he has been arrogant and confident. However, he tells the guys that when they were together Hannah did most of the talking, and it's obvious he did not like it. He plans to act like the conversation never happened. Luke interrupts Devin. He wants to get something off his chest. Hannah tells him, "LATER."

Some of the guys talk bold vs. desperate. Luke lurks around at the edge of every conversation.

Luke S. and Peter think Luke P. is self-imploding and it's about to be over for him.

Hannah tells Luke P. that she will talk to him again, but wants to talk to everyone first. She wants to call her own shots.

Garrett and Joey ask Luke P. how he is going. Now, he can't say he is in love with her. He was thinking of going home tonight.

Peter's mom was Miss Illinois. His parents met on a flight. His mom decided his dad was the one by looking at his butt. They get after it out in the alley.

When it comes time to hand out the rose, Hannah takes the rose and asks Luke P. to talk. The guys are surprised for him to get the rose.

He tells Luke P. that he needs to work harder to fix this because she likes him, but she has other relationships too.

She brings the rose back with her and gives the rose to Peter because she had the best time with him tonight.

The next day, the men are all excited about the rose ceremony tonight. Chris Harrison arrives to tell them there won't be a cocktail party. Instead there will be a daytime tailgate party.

Cam is going on about Always Be Cam again. He tells everyone there is something serious he needs to talk to Hannah about. It's something that may be too much for Hannah to handle, and she may send him home early. He wants everyone to allow him time to talk to her first. Mike (?) calls bull.

The men are playing football when Hannah arrives. Everyone is having fun, then Cam pulls Hannah away. He talks about being an onion and needing to reveal layers. In 2014, he was getting off work. His right leg locked up on him. He had a fever. He was told he needed to have his leg amputated. The day before surgery, his dad called that his grandma was dying. Last year, his most recent surgery was hardest on him because he had a 10 month puppy. I don't even know what all that is about. He still has his leg... Besides thinking he's an over-dramatic psycho, not sure what part of this was so much that she was going to send him home on the spot.

Most of the conversations are light and fun according to Hannah. Mike takes a more serious turn. He tells Hannah that Cam told everyone he was going to tell a sad story for a pity rose. She feels like Cam was being manipulative. She pulls him away.

Cam may have been the first guy she gave a rose, but she doesn't give pity roses. She appreciated being told what he shared today, but told him what Mike said. What Mike said was a little off of what we saw, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still true.

Cam was writing letters to the other guys in case he was going home. She wants to think about things and sends him off.

The party comes to an end so that everyone can get ready for the rose ceremony.

There are 18 men at the rose ceremony. Mike, Connor and Peter have roses.

During commercial I Googled what happened with Tyler G. going home. Evidently, during the first group date the producers got wind of bad dating history and decided he needed to leave.

  1. Jed
  2. Tyler C.
  3. Dustin
  4. Dylan (my, what big hair you have)
  5. Grant
  6. Luke P.
  7. Garrett
  8. John Paul Jones
  9. Matteo
  10. Devin
  11. Luke S.
  12. Kevin
That means Jonathan, Joey and Cam are going home. Cam is bitter. He was vulnerable (according to Cam) and cries on his way out.