I've said it 100 times, but one day I'll mean it. No. Spring. Craft. Shows.

We did a three-hour event tonight because we thought we'd give it a shot. It was at a school that's awesome in the fall. They were combining two events, after all.

Well, I know why they combined them. They would have been absolutely nothing on their own. The Gollywhopper Games (as the event was called) were a total waste.

Dad didn't feel good and groaned about how he should have stayed home the whole time. We got his point. We all should have stayed home.

So much for busting my butt to get a few things done ahead of time. None of those were one of the four items we sold.

I did end up with Nate's Cake (I even bought a mini cake) and a couple of art prints in the silent auction. At least they made money off of me.

I saw this for Angie, and it screamed her name.