If you don't move it and put it on a shelf, you won't miss it.

I was talking to one of my author clients about all I would have to pack up when it's time to move. I've had a library of paperback books up in my office that has grown over the years.

Some are books I've read.

A lot of books I've not read.

Some are books I have bought.

A lot of books that have come through work over a period of many, many years.

Some are books I have the best of intentions to one day read.

A lot of books I don't plan to read because they aren't my favorite genres, but I have friends that might.

I've taken pride in my own personal library.

But there truly isn't enough room in the new house for all the shelves to hold them all.

In response to saying I wasn't ready to part with them yet, my author client said, "If you don't pack them and put them on a shelf, you won't miss them."

Once she said that yesterday, that had me taking pictures and posting them in a couple of Facebook book buy/sale/trade groups for $2 each.

The truth is, I have a lot of the same books on my Kindle, and I'll keep what I really want to keep, and there are some I definitely will.

Now, the sorting, picking and packing has become a mini part-time job. However, moving them out now means I don't have to move them out later. It's a bit freeing, quite honestly.

(There's only one book I kind of wish I'd kept because the two others in the series didn't sell, and I'm OCD about a complete set in this one case.)

UPDATE: Over a few days time, I sold 250 books. I still have some I would like to part with, but after paying for some mailing supplies, I've cleared over $450 which almost pays for my home appraisal.