Three strikes

I took some time this afternoon to look at houses.

Let me tell you, I didn't find the dream one.

I really just wanted to let the agent know when I saw something online that I wanted to look at, but I played along.

House #1 was toward the end of a street not far from the one I really liked, but it doesn't seem like the best neighborhood. Looking at the house next door and the busted up driveway, it screamed foundation issues.

The agent thought it had space for an office. She thought wrong. My desk wouldn't fit in the little space off of the kitchen. It was a major letdown and not priced much less than the one that was totally redone.

House #2 was one I wanted to see. It's just a couple of blocks away, and I'd watched as it was being redone. It was fixed up really cute on the outside. Inside, the bedrooms were tiny. All three could have fit in the humongous living room that was closed off by the biggest barn door you ever saw in a house.

The layout just didn't work. Not the way I needed it to anyway. And the price was really high.

After looking at the first two, I made the agent see my house to see my desk and to see what a real hoard of craft supplies looked like.

House #3 was in a location I really didn't like. It didn't have the extra space for a craft room. The kitchen looked unfinished and it just wasn't updated well. They took a shot, but it feel flat.

You never know when something will come up. Maybe soon. Maybe not. I think I'm ok with waiting. I'm definitely going to be picky. I think I have to stop talking smack about the people on House Hunters.