I don't think I officially shared the news

I've been so sporadic about blogging (because I post a lot at one time) and not saying anything until I officially had something to say, that I don't think I actually said I have an offer in on a house. That's why I was taking the online course I talked about last weekend.

Almost two weeks ago Mom went by an estate sale someone we knew was having. The house was about to be put on the market too.

It's not as redone on the inside as some of the houses I was looking at, but the price is right and a coat of paint will go a long, long way. I don't have pictures. Maybe soon I can get some to share.

As for now, I'm in middle of the waiting game.

The house is on a street off of the one I grew up on. As in 2 or 3 blocks from where my parents lived for 30+ years. That house is no longer there. The Northside Baptist moved it off for a parking lot. That makes it kind of weird. Also, if the street this house is on went straight through two streets instead of making a T at the end of the block, the street would go straight through to where my parents live now.

I've known the woman that lives two doors down since I was a teenager and went to church with her. The family on the other side is my preacher's family. He may be the most excited person that I'm moving into the neighborhood and is getting his four kids excited. The youngest one may yell at me that he doesn't like me, but he doesn't mean it. 😆 Actually, it will be fun to have kids I know next door.

Though still in freaked out phase, I'm starting to make my way to excited. I'm sure I'll go back and forth between now and when the time officially comes to sign the papers.