Every click you take

A couple of nights ago in middle of a burned out pity party about midnight, I started searching Alaskan cruises on my iPad.

At the moment, I had pushed away the idea of the house hunt and was dwelling on needing a vacation. It was really just a whim and only one, maybe two websites.

The next morning, my Facebook feed was flooded as if a great glacier melted with ads for Alaskan cruises.

That prompted me to create this graphic here that I really hoped would go viral because I thought I was so clever in the moment. You have to sing it, by the way.

I'm trying to ignore those Alaska ads during the daylight hours. However, there is something I am EXTREMELY grateful for.

Last weekend I did a search for something which I shall not disclose (which makes it sound worse than it was for the purpose at the time). I am so thankful that search didn't turn into targeted ads because if someone were to get on my computer after that they would have serious questions about me.

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? What was the search?