The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 2

Since four or five people read the blog last week, here we go with week 2.

Hannah wants real. Real conversations. Real relationships. Real. She does some odd rap that's odd.

Luke P. already sees having a family with her. Can you say stalker material?

Chris Harrison asks how the guys felt after night one. He drops off the first date card.

"Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Luke P. - I'm looking for my Mr. Right. - Hannah"

Peter thinks she has the wrong group of guys because he isn't in that group.

When the men arrive at a theater, she informs them they will be doing a pageant. To prepare the men for the Mr. Right Pageant, there are three drag queens that are going to coach them.

There is a talent portion and a Speedo swimsuit competition.

Dylan is the first up to strut in his Speedo. He evidently impresses the judges.

Jonathan struts with high socks, but still gets many a cheer.

No one really knows what to do with John Paul Jones.

Jed models with his cowboy boots on. The judges drool.

Luke P. is jealous. But, as JPJ says, "Luke P. has the body of a Greek god." Even his fellow contestants seem impressed.

When it comes time for the talent portion, JPJ rides a unicycle.

Luke P cannot play the trumpet.

Jonathan tries to juggle and tap dance at the same time.

Someone walks around in high heels. I can't tell who is who yet. (Had to look it up - Mike.)

Jed sings an original song. He's dressed like Indiana Jones, but I don't know why.

Grant gives up.

Luke P.'s talent is professing that he is already falling in love with her. He walks down the catwalk to give her a kiss.

Chris Harrison comes back out to announce the winner of Mr. Right. Luke P. wins the crown. I'm over him already. He tries too hard.

The other Luke rolled his eyes at this. He says he could never say that after one night. All the guys may be going after Hannah, but they aren't ready to claim love yet.

As the cocktail party because, the first guy to pull her away after the toast was Luke P. Hannah says it kind of scares her that he's already saying it and that he means it. It's been less than 48 hours after all. He started having feelings for her before meeting her. He is saying all the right things. Part of Hannah always centers in on one guy, and she's feeling Luke's pull.

Mike questions Luke P. about his profession. It won't be long before he is questioning everyone else's intentions.

Back at the mansion, the men are in a set-up group chat as they wait for the next date card to arrive.

"Tyler G. - Falling in love can be messy. - Hannah"

But back on the group date...

Jed says he had fun with the drag queens. He tries to clarify by saying, he enjoys anyone who can be themselves.

When it comes time for the group date rose, she wants to give it to someone who shined. She gives it to Jed. Probably the first runner-up of the Mr. Right Pageant.

The next day, Hannah arrives to get Tyler G. for the date, and a helicopter arrives to sweep them away. 

After they leave, Jed plays the guitar while Cam raps. That's going to get really old, really fast.

Hannah wants a man who is not afraid to get dirty. They are going to do some muddin' on four-wheelers. Of course, she is wearing all white.

Tyler tells her it is so surreal to get the first one-on-one. She tells him to enjoy the moment and be real. He thinks this is how fairy tales start.

Over "dinner" Hannah tells Tyler how great the date was. He surprised her by how natural it felt. They talk about what it means to be strong. He's borderline emotional. He wants to hear about her dreams. She's always wanted to be a mom and have some kind of career.

At the house, Cam is freaking out. The date card arrives.

"Devin, Matteo, Daron, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter, Garrett - Let's get our love on track. - Hannah

There are three that will not have a date this week. Cam, Connor S. and Matthew are the odd men out.

Back on the date, Tyler G. gets his date rose.

It's a new day. Hannah and the guys will be taking part in some roller derby. They will be schooled by three of LA's best derby dolls. Hannah isn't great on skates. The last time she skated, she broke her arm and never tried again.

I don't know if there's a decent skater in the bunch. They are all falling off the slanted walls during practice.

At the mansion, Cam and his harmonica are singing the blues. It's pitiful. He's planning to be bold and ABC... Always Be Cam. He's going to say that at least once a week.

Fred Willard is back to do commentary with Chris Harrison for goodness only knows what reason.

When it comes time to skate in front of an audience, they aren't any more steady on their feet. Dustin takes a hard fall and really bangs up his ankle.

The green team beats the orange team. Daron led them to victory as like the only guy who can skate.

They head to Big Daddy's for the evening. Hannah picks Dustin to talk to first. He wants to follow-up on his ankle. He has a nose ring which seems odd for a guy. Hannah tells him that she has noticed his energy. he gets his kiss in.

Peter talks about how he may have flown her on a trip before.

All the guys think they are going to get some time with her. They are getting some competition. Cam shows up uninvited. He makes his ABC reference again. Hannah is puzzled when Cam arrives and interrupts her time with Devin. Puzzled in a bad way, BTW. Not sure the bouquet of flowers is going to win her over.

Hannah tells Cam she knows its hard. He tries to play off funny by saying he's not trying to be over Hannalytical. She tells him thank you for coming, kisses him and send him off.

He has creepy eyes when talking to the camera. What's also creepy is Tyler C. walking up behind him while he is talking to the cameras. There's a confrontation of words before Tyler goes back in.

While Tyler C. is still pontificating, two other men come out (Kevin and someone), one at a time, to confront Cam.

The group date rose goes to Dustin because she asked for someone to get back up after trying. She tells everyone she had a great day, but the's really tired. I am too. I'm trying not to doze off with my fingers on the keys.

It's the next night, and Hannah arrives for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. 

She arrives emotional. She starts a speech about being real. One guy calls for Kleenex and someone offers a handkerchief. It's hard for her to make decisions without knowing them that well. 

After the toast, Hannah is immediately pulled away by Connor S. He's interrupted by Kevin. Kevin is interrupted by ABCam. Cam pulls Kevin and Hannah away. He's a picky eater and brings chicken nuggets. He offers Hannah some dipping sauce.

Tyler C. sets up some rose petals, candles and pillows on the ground. The cold ground.

Jed has a rose, but wants 5 minutes to see her, but not before Luke P. gets some time trying to give her a massage. She wants him to take his shirt off and get his own massage. They are in middle of a make out session with Luke's shirt off when Jed interrupts.

It's an awkward moment. It kind of kills the mood. Jed heads to sit by the fire by himself. Hannah finally comes out to find him. He tries to play it off as harder for her than him. She says, "It really wasn't want it looked like. It was a massage."

After a little more chatting with the men, it's time for a rose ceremony.

Jed, Tyler G. and Dustin have roses.

  1. Tyler C.
  2. Garrett
  3. Devin
  4. Connor S.
  5. Luke P. (who is giving commentary on the wrong boldness of Cam)
  6. Dylan
  7. Luke S. 
  8. Mike
  9. Peter
  10. Kevin
  11. Jonathan
  12. Jelly? Oh, Joey. I couldn't understand her. I had a hard time with Dylan too. 
  13. Matteo
  14. John Paul Jones
  15. Grant
  16. Cam
That means going home are the other Connor, Daron and Matthew. 

Cam toasts to his best from Hannah Ayala. Hannah didn't know what that meant. It's Cam's last name. 

She wants a man who can be bold. She's trying to do her post rose ceremony interview, but Luke P. comes in. She wants to talk to Luke more. 

Hannah tells him that the "falling in love with me" thing was a lot and comes off as a competitive thing. That doesn't keep her from get hot and heavy with him under the interview lights. 

Cue previews of next week.