Completely out

Last night I spent my first night in my house.

The movers came yesterday, and while they took a little longer than I expected them to, I'm officially in. Part of the problem is they had to take an Ikea bed frame completely apart and put it all back together. I haven't tried laying on the bed, so hopefully, it doesn't fall apart.

Part of the deal with the slow move was that if I had the movers come on the 19th, I'd have 12 days to finish getting the misc stuff left and clean the house. I had some things in closets such as clothes and some other stuff upstairs in the closet I needed to sort through to trash some stuff before taking it. So, today, I really wanted to work on the new house.

Dad had other plans. He said he wasn't going over to the old house again after today.


That meant taking down the rest of the curtain rods in my bedroom, packing three closets of clothes in suitcases (I left everything on hangers thankfully), cleaning the kitchen and three bathrooms, vacuuming the house, especially where the beds were (man that was dirty), packing three more carloads of stuff and unloading it all at my house.

But, I am officially out of the rent house and into the new.

Thank goodness. I know people that move every few years or have moved several times in the past few years. I don't now how or why they do it. Now I have to unpack everything.

My advice: Don't move in Texas in July. It's just that much worse.